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  • Cruising right along...

    So there I am, cruising along on my way to work this morning, classic Queen on the radio and in a really good mood. I come to a red light and on the right shoulder a truck pulls up right next to me. A man with the longest mustache I've ever seen says to me through my open window, "Honey, you better slow down or else I'm going to turn you in myself so you get a ticket."

    Now granted I was going over the speedlimit (posted speed limit on that stretch of the pike is 55 mph) but I was only doing 5 mph over.

    I hate traffic as it is, and I generally dislike most people in traffic. I don't say anything about it to anyone in traffic because I know road rage can lead to some ugly things happening. To those of you here that have talked to me in traffic, you know how I am. I get aggitated, but I'm not going to make a scene.

    I was NOT going to let this man ruin my day, so I just puckered my lips and *kissed* him and went on my merry little way to work.

    How many of you would have given me a ticket for going 5 over?

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    In most jurisdictions, he could 'turn you in' all he wanted to. Unless an officer sees you speeding, nothing will happen....

    Depending on my mood, YOUR manner and the location of your speeding, I allow as much as 15mph over.
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        Originally posted by shooter1201:

        Depending on my mood, YOUR manner and the location of your speeding, I allow as much as 15mph over.
        What kind of manner would you pull someone over for?


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          Originally posted by Frank Booth:
          You like Liberace too?!!?!? I think he's just maaaaahvelous!

          I think he's just as maaaaahvelous!


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            Would have given you a ticket for listening to Queen....but would have let you off as long as I got the pucker and *kiss*


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                Sounds like the dumb *** in Frank Booth's post just let his little head do the thinking for his big head. What a DUMB ***!
                "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"


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                  Originally posted by Steve in PA:
                  Would have given you a ticket for listening to Queen....but would have let you off as long as I got the pucker and *kiss*
                  Smooooooooooooooooches, Steve.


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                    Ticket for five over? Yeah, right. The most he'll get of complaining to an officer is a roll of the eyes.
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                      I agree, he could have complained all he wanted to but if not viewed by the officer, no ticket. Besides, we go to 10mph over the limit before we write 'em.

                      And he should have been happy to get a pucker up & *kiss* from Katey.


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                        Here in California you can only be given a traffic citation by an officer under two circumstances:

                        1. The officer witnesses the violation; or

                        2. You get into an accident as a result of the violation, and the officer giving you the ticket has completed a 40 hour course on Basic Traffic Collision Investigation.

                        A lot of people call in to report ONE or TWO minor traffic violations by another motorist, and get upset when told that there's NOTHING we can do about it. So, the dispatchers now simply take the info down (or at least pretend to) and tell the caller they'll "let the officer know." The only time they'll send out is if the violations are possibly indicative of reckless driving or DUI.

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                          Romulus? Isn't that were those stinking Romulans are from?


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                              LOL If someone told me to slow down for going only 5 over I would just wave at them real freindly like and continue on my way at exactly five over again LOL Letthem call the police on me. I know for fact hat a speeding ticket under 9 over is not going to affect my driving record or my insurance rates. Plus the time wastes for being pulled over is not a waste of time for I get to have a nice freindly conversation with one of my brothers.

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