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  • Lunar Eclipse

    Don't forget about the lunar eclipse tonight.

    Total eclipse at 10:14 CDT

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    Scratchy, YES!!! It's been a crazy night.


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      Originally posted by Scratchy:
      Does that mean the officers, EMTs, etc. on duty will have "full moon" behavior to look forward to tonight? [Eek!]

      Please tell me about "full moon" behavior. I have a degree in Social Science (Psych. and Soc.)and I love learning about stuff like that. Or direct to me something I can read; if you dont mind. I always thought that was a myth, but would love to find out more!
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        I believe in the full moon thing. I think it is because people can see better when there is a full moon. More light=more activity.
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          No moon here. It's raining.
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            Man, i dont know how i missed hearing about it i guess it's over now... i love those kinds of things. I always used to set my alarm to get up and watch the meteor showers...

            I had such a weird nite at work... now i know why. I, and everyone around me, were...ummmm...let's just say "outspoken." It worked greatly in my favor, but i did surprise myself
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              Originally posted by Frogman:
              We've had (2) traffic fatalities tonight already:

              02.) The town that borders us had a car hit a a semi head-on and explode on impact like something right out of a movie F/X.

              gonna have to watch channel 21 news tonight to get the story on this.
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                We had a pretty good view of it here when the clouds co-operated.


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                  for those of us that missed it (including me ), there will be another lunar eclipse on 11-08-03.


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                    I didn't hang outside all night watching it, but I did pop out from time to time. It was kinda cool.
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                      Watched from our upstairs balcony, then went out to the spa and watched from there. We live in an apartment complex where there are several kids, and it was just as much fun watching them and seeing their excitement, as it was to watch the event.
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                        Full moon behavior

                        I got dispatched a few hours after the eclipse to a report of two large female juveniles on the side of the highway, a suspicious activity report. I missed a key word in the dispatch and asked, "What are they doing that's so suspicious?"

                        Dispatch blurted out, "They're mooning cars that drive by!" I said, "Oh...I guess I missed that part."

                        My beat partner asked dispatch if we could get a clothing description. Before they could answer I blurted out, "They'll be the ones without clothing!"

                        We never found the amature astronomers but I did come across 4 male juveniles who said they had been watching the "full moon(s)"
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