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Update on summer internship


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  • Update on summer internship

    Well, I'm having a really great time here. I'm into my 3rd week with the Austin Police Department's High Tech Crimes Unit. I think I've earned at least some of their trust, as they gave the the lock code to their secured floor, my own employee id number, an id and password to access DEORS (the whole report writing system) and criminal background checks etc..., plus they've given me some petty internet fraud cases to work on pretty much by myself (people buying things over the internet i.e. ebay and not getting the items) All of the organized crime units are on this floor, so I've gotten to know some of the guys in the other units. One of the narcs told me they'll let me go with them on a dope bust one day and watch from a car with the supervising sergeant.

    I've gotta say, it's fun walking past people in the waiting area, waiting to get into the secured area, and me just walking past, entering in the code, and going through the door. What a trip

    Anyways, that's it. More later.


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    Good for you Tex. AH BS, you will ALWAYS be KYLE to me! Good for you KYLE! Looks like you may be on your way!
    6P1 (retired)


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      LOL one word of caution on entering your code in the door make sure that your code can not be seen as you punch in the numbers or someone unauthorized will make it in there and cause all kinds of rucus. It would not look good on you to have that poerson point to you and say I saw the code he entered. Otherwise good luck on everything your doing sounds like your having a good time.

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