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    So I just got my vacation approved for Oct. 28- Nov. 3, 2002 and I've decided to take a trip to Boston/Salem MA. I've been thinking on and off to applying to Boston's PD and surrounding departments. Anyone got any advice, comments for this southern girl going to a bigger city?

    Also....Katey, Shannon, Gub... I expect to see you all that week.

    [ 06-26-2002: Message edited by: Piper ]

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    Boston's got a residency requirement.

    But it's a BEAUTIFUL CITY! Make sure to visit the Commons, and the Constitution, and the Bull & Finch Pub (or, as its better known "Cheers") ... you'll have a GREAT time!

    And ... dress warm, yes?


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      Piper, resist the urge to visit north of the Mason/Dixon line, those people are just different.

      Here's a little pearl of wisdom I heard alot while growing up, it has served me well on many occasions. Never trust a Yankee!


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        All local MA departments fall under the statewide civil service exam, even Boston. And yes, Boston does have a 12 month residency requirement.

        I live in NH, but am presently in the hiring process for departments down south (DC, Atlanta, & Orlando). The weather sucks and the cost of living is ridiculous. Plus, there are no great middle/large city departments up here. The State Police is always an option though.

        Semper Fi


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          Jones is 100% correct on the civil service hiring process in MA.

          I think he meant there were not that many great smaller PD's in NH because there are several in Mass. Most, if not all of the departments up here tend to hire residents, because they receive preference for the town/city in which they reside.

          There are exceptions if a department is seeking to hire minority and/or bilingual officers.

          While you're up here check out Newbury Street and Fanueil Hall then head over to Legal Seafood- consistently voted #1 seafood restaraunt in the COUNTRY.

          PM me if you have any questions/need info.

          Hey SpecOps- I'm no Yankee! I'm a (long suffering) Red Sox.

          [ 06-26-2002: Message edited by: BRICKCOP ]
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            Piper, Piper, Piper, what AM I gonna do with you. You don't visit "Bastan" you come on out west here where things is wide open and free. If you want a taste of Boston, have some Boston Creme Pie!

            Shoot, there's all kinds a things to see out here! The ditch, 300,000 acres of burned, blackened forest, Phoenix, 300,000 acres of burned blackened forest, Laughlin Nv, 300,000 acres of burned blackened forest. . .
            6P1 (retired)


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              LOL Someday I will come take a look at your ditch there Don and I will remember to bring the usual token (cat) for your dinning pleasure LOL

              Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                That is very cool, Piper. Boston is a great, beautiful city. I think New England is the best region in the country. I give myself 2 more years in Jersey before i'm there...

                If you guys get together near Jersey, i would love to stop by.
                "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                  Originally posted by Jones:

                  Boston does have a 12 month residency requirement.

                  Doh!!! 12 month residency...Perhaps I should stick with southern states. Oy!


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                    OK, with all you #^&*(%@#$^& dissin' my city I have to jump in!

                    Boston is one of the best cities in the world. To add to the list of things you must see/do...

                    Walk around the North End to find some GREAT italian food. (just don't do it unarmed late at night )

                    GO TO A SOX GAME. The scalpers are getting a gross price, but that is the only way you are getting into any weekend games for the rest of the year. Otherwise, get a night game durring the week.
                    There is absolutely nothing like watching baseball in the old Fenway Park. Get a cheep seat and watch standing behind the home plate, you WONT be dissapointed!

                    Go to Cambridge. If you want the best burger in the world, ask for directions to Bartley's Burgers. If you find a college student, they will know where it is. (Hey your AT MIT and Harvard, can't be hard to find a college student,TRUST ME)

                    From what I have seen, you need to 'know people' if you want to get into Boston PD. Good luck!

                    Oh, and for all you Boston-Dissin'-No-Good-Southeners, you can take your grits and shove-em!

                    Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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                      Originally posted by Stone:

                      Oh, and for all you Boston-Dissin'-No-Good-Southeners, you can take your grits and shove-em!

                      Yeah, yeah, you tell em!

                      [ 06-27-2002: Message edited by: shadows ]


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                        Boston is one of the best cities in the world.
                        Stone, I can't believe you. We disagree a lot, and then you have to make this ridiculous statement. Boston is, without a doubt, the BEST city in the world. I'd venture to wager that if we ever make contact with alien civilization(s), Boston will STILL be the best city in the universe!

                        After graduation (one more year, thank unknown deity!), I'm moving up thataway (or, so I wish!) I'd love to go to Boston, but realisticly I'll find myself in Vermont or Connecticut. With my luck, I'll wind up in Virginia ...


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                          Ah, you southern girls...woo woo. Piper, I think you should make a pit stop in NY.


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                            Originally posted by Stone:
                            OK, with all you #^&*(%@#$^& dissin' my city I have to jump in!
                            Hey Stone - I live right near the Grand Canyon, come on up and jump in!

                            Oh, and for all you Boston-Dissin'-No-Good-Southeners, you can take your grits and shove-em!

                            Oh, well then, you were NOT talking to me!

                            'course I was just kidding when I was "dissing" Bastan. I've never been there, so can't really say to much about it. (Not that something like this has stopped me before!)
                            6P1 (retired)


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                              Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Girlfriend! About time you come to visit me up in witch country.
                              First....the peanut gallery is right there is a 12 month residency requirement. They are extremely strict even to the point of going around your neighborhood asking questions. There are other jobs available in New England/ Massachusetts if you are interested.

                              You picked the perfect week to come to Salem! Well I don't need to tell you that. Please remember to bring your costume. I have several other guests coming that week from Officer. If anyone else wants to come please feel free. It is an awesome time for all! Kind of along the lines of Mardi Gras.
                              If you do want to come and stay anywhere remotely near MUST make your reservations now since many people make them years in advance.
                              Piper you made my night my friend!

                              Katey and Gub you better get your tails up here that weekend too...Gub we know YOU don't need a costume. Teehee.



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