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Anyone eaten at these restaurants???


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    Some of those places you've mentioned I've never heard of. The only one on the list that I've found to be any good was Kenny Roger's Roasters. Their chicken and parsley potatoes are devine! Before I moved I used to eat there all the time. The chicken is roasted (hence the name...lol) and all the fat drains out, so it's not greasy at all. The only thing I didn't like about the place is that the chicken smell clings to your clothes long after you leave. Other than that, I'd highly recommend it.

    I don't eat at fast food places so I can't tell you anything about Rally's, Sonic, etc. Whatever you do, though, don't waste your time at Waffle House. Every one I've ever been in was nasty. The waitresses all look like tired, worn out porn queens with wrinkly cleavage and long, chipped nails. Yuck! Most of the patrons smoke and have that hacking cough going on. Trust me, it's not a good way to start out your day.

    By the way, wprebeck, I have a good friend who lives about an hour and a half from Louisville. He's a paramedic in Carlisle.


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      Originally posted by armympchick
      You GOTTA hit this place called CHECKERS!!! It has the BEST burgers around .... I'll see if I can't "locate" a few to see where they are here, there's ONE I know of in Tifton. I'll let ya know.

      Rally's and Checkers are one in the same! Just for 10-43.
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