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Anyone eaten at these restaurants???


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  • Anyone eaten at these restaurants???

    Here's the deal. The familia and I are taking a road trip down to the in-laws in Newnan, GA in May. (Any LEOs from that area shoot me a PM, I want to do a ridealong.) Although my wife thinks I am strange, I enjoy going to fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and even gas station chains that we do not have up here in Wisconsin. (We have plenty of Kwik Trips up here, but I had to stop at a "QT" Quick Trip in Georgia last time I was down. The fact that the soda fountains there had the option of adding vanilla or cherry flavoring to any kind of soda you wanted, I thought that was great. Just a tip, vanilla flavor and Mountain Dew are not a good mix.)

    Anyway, I ate at a Chik Fil-A last time I was down. Good food, but kinda pricy. We will be driving down through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and finally Georgia. On the way back, we will take a slight detour to go through Indiana. That being said, has anyone eaten at the following restaurants? Should I avoid any of these at all costs? Lemme know:

    Back Yard Burger
    Church's Chicken
    Kenny Rogers Roasters
    Mrs Winners
    Pollo Tropical
    Quincy's Steak House
    Rally's Hamburgers
    Ranch 1
    Waffle House

    Are there any southern chains that are great that I do not have listed that I should not miss? Let the fun begin.
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    Churches is a chain. Mostly good chicken..not greasy.

    Sonic is a chain. Eat in the car or on tables outside. IMO-great burgers for a chain. They have floats, slushies and ice cream too. Good for the kids.

    Kenny Rogers is a chain. I think they have mostly roasted stuff. never eaten there.

    Waffle House is a chain. Greasy grilled food.


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      Quincy's Steak House?

      Are you talking about the Quincy's Steak House in Quincy Illinois? If so it's not worth the stop but for some reason I don't think were talking about the same place because Quincy Illinois is a town in the middle of nowhere and I don't think that place is a chain.


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        Re: Anyone eaten at these restaurants???

        Bojangles Fried Chicken opened a restaurant near me - the first in the area. The food is ok, nothing special.

        Ranch 1 is all over the place here. The food is great, most of it is healthy too.

        I've been searching for a Sonic. My friends tell me the food is excellent but I've never been near one when I was hungry.
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          Church's in our area is greasy.
          I agree with your evaluation on Chik-Fil-A. They take care of LEOs though

          Sonic is OK
          Krystal is like White Castle- Nasty, but good after drinking
          Waffle House is known locally as Awful House-enough said
          Bojangles is very good, but spicy

          Hope this helps. You ought to add NC to your trip.
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            ........as a toothless woman in Beaumont, TX once said to my wife, "Grits is complimentary at da Waffle House...how you want dem cheese eggs cooked?"
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              be careful at waffle houses in Nashville TN. I was at one and was scared. on one side of the road was all the hicks (aka Red Necks) and on the other was all the gang bangers. shotguns vs autos. The food wasn't to bad.

              moocat i dont known any sonics around New York. but most that I have seen are in the midwest. the food ok a little greesy. if you find a must have is a route 66 cherry limeaid.

              have any one ate at a Rob Evans.
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                Posting from the south, steer clear of Waffle Houses in general. IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is awesome. Sonic is good down here. M***io's Pizza, Olive Garden, Outback, F***oli's Italian, mmm mmm good.


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                  Bojangles is good, you have that one already. Waffle House is good, but to me its more of a late night and last resort type of place, and where all the drunks go to sober up after clubs. I dont know if Arbeys is just a southern chain or not, but i really like that place.
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                    Originally posted by BlueBlood
                    I dont know if Arbeys is just a southern chain or not...
                    Not even close, because there is one in Regina, which is about 75 miles North West of me.
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                      You GOTTA hit this place called CHECKERS!!! It has the BEST burgers around .... I'll see if I can't "locate" a few to see where they are here, there's ONE I know of in Tifton. I'll let ya know.



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                        Checkers has the best french fries.
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                          There are Arbys in NJ. They have great curly fries. Vodicka4343, are you talking about BOB Evans, or am I mistaken? Hope I'm not getting too far off topic, but who has WaWa near them? They have some of the best hoagies around. It's like a 7-11 with a deli.
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                            Originally posted by klppage
                            Posting from the south, steer clear of Waffle Houses in general. IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is awesome. Sonic is good down here. M***io's Pizza, Olive Garden, Outback, F***oli's Italian, mmm mmm good.
                            I'm going to have to agree here, waffle house is ok if you have the stomach for the huge amount of grease, butter and toothless waitresses. If you can find a logan's roadhouse (similar to outback) I would also try them. Awesome places... Btw-Krystals are known around here as gut-grenades for a good reason. Try at your own risk.. Hope you have a good trip
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                              IHOP is better than Waffle House, Chik-fil-Ais good, Arby's is not only Southern, and one to add that nobody has mentioned, DON"T eat at Kenny Rogers' unless you have a very thick wallet. I have never in my life seen the price of chicken as high as I did at Kenny Rogers'.


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