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  • Hot enough for ya?

    I'm molting! For someone who loves the heat, I hate it today. I believe it's 91 degrees right now. Heat index right around 100. And to make things worse, my a/c is STILL broke in my car, which makes for one miserable woman on her hour long commute home from work. One of these days I'll take it to get fixed - in between work, the kids, the wash, the cooking, the shopping, the computer time...

    What's the temp where you are?

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    Hot and muggy. It's not even nice out with blue skies ... they're grey and ugly and I'm miserable!

    It's 93 degrees. I've got my A/C running full blast and I'm STILL sweating!!!


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      Heard Philly was having a heat wave. I'll trade ya' what we will get in August. Right now it's a little humid but only 85 degrees. Having some scattered thunderstorms around the area but nothing bad. Besides, we need the rain.


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        It's been sweltering, and it's supposed to be like this for the rest of the week. I feel for the elderly and those who don't have air, especially those with breathing problems.

        I really have no right to complain, as I'm sitting in a/c as I type, and all day long the office is kept very cool and comfortable.

        GUBBY, get your a/c yet?


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          Us Washingtonians aren't used to hot weather. It's supposed to be upper 90s today, and the next few days. I enjoy every minute of warm weather around here -- It only stays around for a couple months!
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            Only thing is, is it'll be 60 and raining for the whole next week here.

            I love the weather here too.
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              Our high was 93 today. And sooooooo dry! Reagan PLEASE send us some of your rain! Particularly on the fires down near Sho Lo!

              It is so dry here, that I've got our trailer all packed and ready to go at the drop of a hat. And, we are headed toward the so called "monsoon" season which almost always starts with DRY lightening!

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                It's about 95 miserable degrees with the hudimity about 90%. I try to walk from the house to the car and back. Our units have heavy duty radiators since the ac in the cars are always running. The worst part we have frequent light showers and then the steam rises from the street. That's when you really bake.
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                  PLEASE send us some of your rain!

                  Yes, I agree. We need that rain bad. I usually love monsoon season. The thunder and lightening is awesome. But with all teh fires i hope that portion passes this year.

                  I always knew Arizona was Hell!
                  "To each his own"


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                    Right this moment it is raining and is 79 degrees....

                    If I saw this thread eariler....HOT AS HELL.


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                      Here it's a comfortable 70 degrees... the A/C is just humming away tirelessly.
                      I don't dare venture outside to experience the humidity so, according to the thermometer it's currently 75.4 and the high for the day was 94.5.
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                        It was about 68 until the fog came in off the bay and it's currently about 58. Because of the bay, it doesn't get above 80 right here too often.
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                          G'hed and rub it in a little more why don't ya!

                          Sounds absolutely perfect. I could get used to weather like that. Makes me wonder why I'm moving south to a climate even more humid than where I already live.


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                            ateamer: PM
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                              It's hot. The temp yesterday was 93 with a heat index of 102 and 73% humidity under mostly sunny skies (thanks Weather Channel.com!). And I had to walk across the college campus several times. Oh, did I mention it was hot? I can't imagine being a cop here right now. I'd die of heat stroke just writing a speeding ticket.
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