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My Father's Gun


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  • My Father's Gun

    Anybody catch "My Father's Gun" on the History Channel last night?

    I thought it was EXCELLENT, but at 2 hours it was far too short. I haven't read the book, but I also got a feeling we got the Reader's Digest version.

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    Nope, missed it. What was the gist?
    Dave Kiefner
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      It covered 3 generations of Irish-American cops on the NYPD.

      I only caught a bit of it, but I'm sure it will be on again soon.


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        Originally posted by dkiefner:
        Nope, missed it. What was the gist?
        It's about an author recounting the story of his family's involvement with the NYPD as cops:

        1. His maternal grandfather, who immigrated from Ireland;

        2. His father, who at an early age became the head of the detectives at the 41st Precinct in the Bronx ("Fort Apache"); and,

        3. His older brother, who worked the Street Crimes Unit.

        His father and older brother also take the author, and the cameras, through the neighborhoods where they worked and recount some of the more memorable cases.


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          Read the book!!!!!!! It was an awesome read. I'm a die hard NYPD fan, kind of a romanticist when it comes to the NYPD, so I really dug the book!!
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            We had a guy on our dept. retire from NYPD, the Bronx, and he got tired of sitting around and became a sheriffs deputy. He was an interesting fellow, we got to be pretty good friends. It sure was a change for him though, going from big city cop to podunk deputy chasing cows off the highway and traveling 45 minutes to get from one call to the next.

            HE had a very hard time adjusting to seeing any manner of firearm in the back window of a truck, escpecially during deer season. That accent of his was a hoot.

            Anyhow, he was a FIFTH generation NYC cop. His dad,a few of his brothers and several of his cousins were NYPD. He said that from childhood all he ever wanted to be was a cop and that was all he was ever expected to be.

            He seemed to think it was the norm rather than the exception up there and said if you had kinfolks in the dept. your chances of getting on were greatly increased. He was greatly disturbed over the Twin Towers as he knew many of the people that were killed, including some of his kinfolk.

            I guess he missed it too much. His wife divorced him awhile ago and he went back. He was a good cop, I hated to see him go.

            5 generations. Can you believe it ?
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