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  • CCW - Definition

    I know each state is different, but does a CCW permit entitle someone to carry a knife, baton or other items that would have otherwise been considered illegal?!
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    Dunno about the other states, but in florida, if you can conceal it, you can carry it!


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      Zalman, it varies by state. Some states it's only for a handgun others it includes batons, switchblades etc. There is a site:


      They have some good info. For most states they have a link to the appropriate state agency for info. Verify what you get from packing.org. They make a good effort but their task is about impossible.

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        In ohio it is illegal to carry any deadly Concealed Weapon,

        Ohio Revised Code
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          I guess the Boyscouts in Ohio chew their hiking-sticks into proper form, eh? [Wink]

          Now that is a broad ordanance that doesn't meet the "Live free or Die!" challenge. I'm just sorry for all the little old ladies with their knitting needles who are arrested... [Wink] [Eek!]
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            Hey I didnt write the Law and I dont Agree With it but Technicaly any Concealed Deadly weapon in a ccw offense, Hopefuly they will pass the CCW reform soon
            May G-d bless you, keep you safe, and always keep you in his loving care


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              Z: In NC a CCW permit permits one to carry concealed handguns ONLY. It doesn't matter how many handguns or how powerful or how much ammo.

              However, carrying any other concealed weapon (basically anything other than a small pocket knife) is a serious crime. I'd like the option of carrying something less lethal (e.g., baton), but as long as I can carry a handgun, I suppose I can't complain too much.

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