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    I saw a TV show with the Lizard Man and a few others. Some did the horns and the split tongue...To each their own....
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      Nowdays, it's disfiguring your body, and driving around with the car seats laid way back, listening to that inane booming music. Go figure.

      Did ya ever have neighbor like mine, that would play the loud *** home stereo in the morning between 12-5am, I can testify to that one. Creeps!

      I saw a study on TV about this very same thing, that booming loud music greatly affects your hearing after a while, you won't be to concerned about it at first until you actually take a hearing test which is what they did with the young guy who thought it was cool to have all of those amplifiers in his car increasing all that boom! boom! sound. Turns out his hearing was affected when it came to soft to high-pitched sounds. He lost some of his hearing already, and he laughed about it.

      I can see how some people work around loud machinery or people employed in the construction or even many military people who serve showing signs of hearing loss due to exposure to bomb blasts etc etc...

      But to do it on purpose? These folks must not like the hearing God gave them
      Royce is a Lady


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        I went searching for any more information regards the implanted horns, and found myself in some fairly vile porn sites. So I searched just for tattoos and piercings, with the same results.

        I found one posting that explains how a plastic surgon is planning to contruct WINGS on a human body! Apparently, it can be accomplished and there are no end to the odd people who would want them.

        And, if that is not strange, there is a fellow who has implanted into his shaved head, a netal 'mohawk' piece.

        This is turning into a very dark subject. [Eek!]

        Jim Burnes


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          Oh, yes, Royce. Little ***** could not seem to realize others found his music annoying, especially when he'd make the walls of our apartment shake! Called the PD on him more times than not. He finally threatened my wife, and word got back to him I'd tear him apart. He backed off, and we were finally able to move out of that Godforsaken hole when our lease was up!

          I pondered getting into the electrical room, and cutting off his power; see if that would get his attention.

          All the times PD was called, they should have cited him; they heard the noise themselves.
          Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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            Would I do it? No, but tomorrow I am going out and getting a SPORKED TONGUE
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              Originally posted by ProWritingServices4LEOs:
              ...I was afraid if I opened the door any more than I did, the moderators would slam it...right on my tongue. Leme try this way: Clipping the frenulum helps one become a more cunning linguist


              Ohhh maahhh, ...Colonel Angussss [Eek!] when are you coming down South? Jersey, that is [Wink]

              I'm sure y'all know that that is one of the reasons people get their tongue pierced, also. it's not just to "be different," or rebel
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                I'm sure y'all know that that is one of the reasons people get their tongue pierced, also. it's not just to "be different," or rebel

                Yeah...but what I wanna know is...does it work ?
                "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

                Norman Thomas


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