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Baltimore LT Suspended


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  • Baltimore LT Suspended

    I guess he's equivalent to a racist for calling those in question, "Thugs" and "Maybe they'll stop killing each other while they're protesting us?"

    Poor guy, but I bet he's fed up enough to be glad it's about over. He probably didn't expect his brothers to throw him to the wolves as a sacrifice.

    Thanks for your service LT!

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    Pretty scary if they start accusing white cops of racism for simply saying the word "Thug!" Hmmm!


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      The LT called out the big lie of black victimization by whites. You're not supposed to do that: feelings might get hurt! But if whites are physically attacked by blacks, and are actually hurt (for real), the media considers that a non-story, and buries it on page 16 (and without mentioning the race of the attacker).

      List of Islamic terror attacks in the last 30 days


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        Originally posted by Cjw503
        I guess reporting current events is racist. Crazy people out there. The older I get the more I distance myself from them.
        The point I was making with this thread is that if a LT can be sacrificed so easily for something so innocuous as calling a group of looters, and violent offenders a "Thug" how many here on this forum would suddenly be a bunch of "Racist Cops?"

        Not so fun when the requirement for being labeled a racist just dropped to an all new level, and you fit the standard. Just sayin .......

        P.S. I didn't want to bump this but I cannot help but notice there's an obvious absence. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin
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          Straight up bull****. What happened to being able to call a things for what they are? Seriously......


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            “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

            ― George Orwell


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              Thug is a racist word? That's news to me...


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                How the heck did they make those letters so perfect on that burning car...


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