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  • Agent hits girlfriend

    Ok let me clarify some things. First we've dated for 1 1/2 years. He's never cheated on me nor do I think he would with anyone. He has said on several occasions that they don't have a union like my job or the other police depts in our state where if you get in trouble the union backs you and you can go through arbitration. I would love to tell you what state that is but since there is only 10 agents in that office I think it speaks for its self. No, I'm not lieing, I have a major black eye, been to the ER, and so forth. I find it a bit hard to find a logical explanation for my nice shiner being that I didn't have it when I got to his place but 20 min after he took off and when the police got there I had what the officers report says a red swollen/puffy right eye consistent with being hit. He obviously found enough PC to arrest him. Also in our state if your booked after 10:00 or 11:00pm you don't go and see the judge until the following day he was seperated from everyone else I heard. So if it was Tues. night at 11:56pm he wont see the judge until Thurs. which is what happened. The judge also found enough to warrant going forward. The prosecutor said that in his plea they would offer there would be an exception for the firearm for employment reasons only he would be able to posses a firearm. He is generally a terrific guy, he has never hit me before or really raised his voice I was shocked that he hit he and it was only one single strike, he didn't beat me although with my job I have gotten 2 black eyes and have bruises which I have been asked by my neighbors several times if he hits me I say no but I get the feeling they don't belive me. So if I were going to lie I would say this wasnt the first time, and ask my neighbors. Another part that makes me angry is that he used his official position to get personal background information on me. Which states in his manual that using his official position to obtain information about someone for personal use is prohibited. It was something I did years ago and moved on. Nothing serious but personal, he had no right to do that. He's not a bad person and he probably wouldn't have hit me if I didn't provoke him. At first all I wanted to happen was him get anger classes then Id drop the charges but after he started dragging me through the mud saying I must have ran into something. he said he only heard me say ouch as he was walking out the door. then it was I must have did it to myself. I'm sorry but that drew the line. the same thing happens to rape victims, she slept around ect. When I said I don't know why the department would want to keep someone like that. It was more for the fact he's lieing if he told the truth then that would be different by not admitting to it that shows me he's not sorry and were have a baby I have to worry about her. Please don't judge me Im getting enough of that already.

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    hmmm sounds like he is not a person you want around. I get angry at times but I would never hiot a lady out of anger. I prefer to take my anger out on a non living thing like a door or a wall or something like that. IF he can hit you once there is nothing stopping him from hitting you again. If you think you provoked him to hitting you then you need to relook at what happened. I doubt you ever walked up to him and said, "hey lets see if I get you angry if your will pop me." I think you did nothing to ask to be hit. Yelled at maybe but not hit. That is my opinion.

    I think he needs to take some anger management classes.

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      Hey, jmn, I'm gonna close the topic here. Updates/comments can be added to the orginal thread.


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