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    My name is Denise and I am new here, i'm currently taking some classes in Criminal Justice and i have to do a mid term essay. I'm hoping one of the great officers here could help me this is what I have to do....

    You are questioning a suspect in a child molestation case. What kind of information would you be seeking and what psychological problems may be present? Write the project as a report.
    if anyone could give me an idea on how to do this it would be great......thank

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    Ask him/her if she beleives child molesters cshould be chemically castrated as part of punishment.....

    I had a client once who did a thesis on sex offenders. She surveyed incarcerated individuals and posed that question. The majority said Yes.
    Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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      That is a vast area to cover in a mid-term paper. I worked a number of child molestation cases during my years as a detective and what I first established (at time of disclosure) was whether the offender was a situational child molester or a true pedophile. In my experience, most that I dealt with were the former - would likely have preferred an adult partner, but the availability & circumstances or their inability to relate to other adults made children easier prey.

      Once established, my primary concern was for forensic exam of victim, collection of physical evidence and corroboration of victim's story (the true pedophiles usually had extensive collections of kiddie porn materials). Last on the priority list, was a confession by the offender.

      During interviews, my questions would vary depending on the personality of the offender. Very rarely, did their psychological problems interfere with the interview process.

      Generally, I would first establish the link or relationship between offender and the victim, then move them through circumstances and scenarios from appropriate behavior, to what could be construed by others as inappropriate, then on to what actually happened.

      For each individual offender, there is usually an individual interview process. There is no generic set of questions which can be applied to all or even most interviews. The nature of this type of behavior seldom makes for a "whodunit" case. The offender and victim know each other in most cases and it's the investigator's job to ferret out the evidence and a confession if possible. Therefore, I have frequently used this area as a training ground for new detectives.


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        If you need further information, please feel free to PM me & I'll try to help.


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