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    If a tourist were visiting your city (or nearest big city) and asked what attractions were worth seeing, what would suggest they see?

    In my area, I would first and foremost suggest Independence Hall. It's not only full of history, but it's absolutely beautiful. I would also suggest Penn's Landing, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Italian Market, and the Philadelphia Zoo.

    Plenty to do and see in Philly.


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    The Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium, the USS Constellation and the USS [i]Torsk]/i], John Hopkins University, Little Italy, Fell's Point (see if you can see all the streets "Homicide: Life on the Street" used!), Camden Yards ...

    And of course, since Baltimore is so close to DC ... the National Zoo, the Smithsonian (especially the Air & Space), the mall, the Capitol building, the White House, all the monuments, the Metro ...


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      That's a loaded question in FL. The whole state is a tourist attraction.


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          Originally posted by Crazy in a Jeep:
          [QB]And of course, since Baltimore is so close to DC ...the Smithsonian (especially the Air & Space), QB]
          I absolutely loved the Smithsonian, Crazy. It's been awhile since I've been to DC, but I hope to get there sometime this summer. I'm actually more interested in going to Baltimore though.

          I've heard a lot about Fell's Point and I really want to see the sites. I've been to the Aquarium in Baltimore and really liked that too. Now that I think about it, what I did see of Baltimore, I really liked a lot.


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            Originally posted by Frank Booth:
            I would show them the Malice Green Memorial.

            Without sounding too uneducated, what is the Malice Green Memorial?


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              Well, if you were going to visit, I'd say we'd raise some trouble at a bar or two...

              Oh wait..you ment touristy places...

              Go Here...


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                When I make my way down to Kentucky, we'll go cause trouble. And next time you head up to NY, make a pit stop in Philly.(I'll be here at least another year - decided to wait until my Bubba finishes 8th grade.) I'll take you to see the sites. And hopefully, we'll get a chance to meet all the locals from the chatroom, especially GUBMENTCHEEZ!

                And Piper, I have some news for you. Good stuff too! I'll find you tonight in O.com chat or PC chat. Running out the door now with the kidlets for the day. I wanted to go to Delaware and the answer I got was WHY? What's in Delaware? So we're headed downtown to Philly for the day.



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                  Probably the 3 headed fish in the Detroit River.


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                    well Katey, since i am so near Philly mine would be the same as yours LOL.

                    as for Jersey sites, i like the *natural wonders* ... i would take someone to the Jersey shore, pine barrens, Wharton state forest, cranberry bogs, maybe Fort Mott State Park in Pennsville where i grew up, and i think Mauricetown is a cool area to see.

                    and for excitement, maybe to atlantic city.
                    "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                      [ 04-05-2003, 08:27 PM: Message edited by: Frank Booth ]


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                        The black hills, Mt. Rushmore, free ice water from Wall Drug and the corn palace. Come in August and see 200,000 bikers packed into a town of 8,000.


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                          oh and Katey, there is lots of cool stuff in delaware lol. since i'm right by there too, i would suggest Longwood Gardens (PA?), Winterthur, Brandywine Zoo, and maybe the Hare's Corner farmers market

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                          "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                            Hmmm lets see.. They tore down the old Stetson hat factory, Union Carbide vacated their 650 acre spread after the incident in India, after they fixed the optics in the space telescope Hughes was sold to Goodyear, First Brands doesn't sponsor the STP NASCAR anymore... well, I guess the only site left to see is the passive wildlife, beautiful gardens and wonderfully manicured lawns of the Federal Correctional Institution.
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                              Southern California, like Florida, is also one big tourist attraction.


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