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  • Everything makes me cry

    Last night, I was watching a police program with John Bunnell who is retired I think now but was a police officer I think in Oregon. He was telling the story, as we watched on tape. A police officer, Richard Scarbourgh, stopped a car on the Interstate.
    He happened to have a camera crew with him (I don't know why) and it also showed tape and sound from the camera in his car. He stopped 2 men and had them get out of the car. hey gave different storeis so he placed them in the back of his car, handcuffed of course. It then showed him searching their car, coming up with a lot of marijuana and the men berating themselves in the car.
    As soon as this segment was over, John Bunnel came on to tell viewers that Richard Scarborough had been killed in the line of duty shortly after that.
    It was like ice water was thrown in my face. I started crying and blowing my nose (Honk!!!). He had been so polite (but firm) to those 2 men and he was such a nice looking man himself.
    I gotta stop watching those things. That tore my heart out.

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    Wildest Police Videos, I think? On FOX or their cable affiliate, X/F?

    Always gripping to watch someone "from beyond the grave", in a manner of speaking. Life is fragile.


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