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Floridians fail driving test in alarming numbers


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  • Floridians fail driving test in alarming numbers

    As a former Floridian, this is no surprise.

    Floridians fail driving test in alarming numbers

    "Most of it was basic common knowledge," Cross said.
    There's yer problem right there.


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    What really should be alarming us all,but especially you LEO's is all of the clueless morons you stop who actually passed the drivers test and are entrusted with a license!

    From the link:
    It is more about pulling out questions not be clearly worded.
    And this is the guy insisting they are not dumbing down the test...
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      Note that it's the written test.

      While I've never failed this I have squeaked by a couple of times--which says nothing about my ability to drive.

      My biggest cause of errors has always been the DUI laws. DUI laws are only of interest to me as matters of public policy, as a teetotaler there's no chance I'll ever be in a position to commit DUI so exactly what constitutes DUI or what the punishment is has no relevance to me. Is it any wonder that I'm not too hot on answering alcohol questions on the license exam?

      Other than that every error that I've known about (some places go over the test with you, some don't) involved an answer more conservative than the law required--I might have forgone that parking space near the tracks (I gave a greater distance you had to stay away than the law required) but it posed no risk. I don't think I've ever seen a parking space near a train track anyway--roads that cross train tracks usually are too big to permit parking.

      The written test is reasonable for a new driver starting out as you need to make sure they know the law. However, for an experienced driver (say, someone moving from another state) I find almost all of the number questions to be asking things we no longer think of as numbers.

      If we have kept our noses clean why do the written test at all? And if you're going to do it how about some questions aimed at more experienced drivers rather than the memorization questions that it currently entails?


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        I'm sure all they'd have to do is badge the tester, professional courtesy and all that...
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          Jamyia Cross was less intimidated, breezing through the 50 test questions in less than half an hour. The 21-year-old South Tampa woman, applying for her first driver's license, said she found the test easy. She prepared by studying the Florida Driver's Handbook and taking online practice tests.

          "Most of it was basic common knowledge," Cross said.

          What I would like to know is, what percentage of the test questions are non-intuitive? There are always people who say that taking a certain test is easy "because it mainly comes down to common sense". These people have a blind spot or optical illusion: they generally do well on tests: they master the material quickly and easily, then tend to downplay the learning process. Perhaps they think of themselves as very smart (not needing much of a learning process). Maybe they are smart. It also makes them feel extra smart, when they look around and say: "I have no idea why y'all think this is hard??"

          I suspect that the percentage of non-intuitive questions is pretty high. Here are 5 test questions for the WA State driver's license. To pass this practice test, you have get at least 4 questions right. I only got 3 right just now (and failed the practice test). In my opinion, all 5 of the test questions are the non-intuitive type: you cannot solve these using common sense, you have to either guess right, or know what the rule is. In other words, you have to actually study the material. This is where it causes problems when people keep hearing that "it's all common sense, it's easy": it gives a dangerous, false sense of confidence to test-takers, who are thereby encouraged to study and prepare for only 10 minutes.


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            Floridians fail driving test in alarming numbers

            From what I saw to my visits to Florida, the drivers are the biggest caveat to moving there for retirement. I saw way more TCs on the freeways and city streets than we have here, and that is per capita. I figure that's between the third-worlders who come from Caribbean nations with no traffic laws and old gomers from Noo Yawk who rode da subway all dere lifes.
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              As embaressing as it is to say I am a natural Floridian and when I moved out of state I had to take the written portion again... I failed .... Later I realized half the question on my second test I never had on the FL one. So for me, it is no freaking surprise.
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                I think driver standards could be improved by better practical testing rather than exam questions. All you have to do to pass your driver licence test here is drive around for 20-30 minutes and do a three point turn, a reverse parallel park or a straight line reverse once.


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