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Sometimes you can't ask for a better call


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  • Sometimes you can't ask for a better call

    This call almost made me change my aethiest beliefs and turn into a believer. After all someone must like me to send me on a call like this.

    I get sent on an obscene conduct call at a gas station. I go expecting to have to deal with some drunk transient urinating in public.

    Instead I arrive and meet with some religous lady who is just mortally offended by the car wash going on. It seems that a local stripper company was doing a fund raiser with a car wash. The strippers were out there in lingerie getting wet and soapy while washing cars.

    Needless to say I rushed right over there and made sure that their outfits were okay which they were.

    Sometimes its good to be the police.

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    Let me know if you need back up on that call, I'll be on the next flight.
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      I can hear the radio transmission now as Zamboni gets on scene...

      "You can cancel any other unit. It's just a bunch of exotic dancers in lingerie washing cars."

      Knowing, of course, that this will keep all the other backup units from wasting their time on such a trivial call [Wink] .


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        You guys are soooooo bad ...lol


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          Thats almost like the neighboring dept (they've got a t!ttie bar in their town) Everytime they call there for a fight you get depts that never back them up saying.......well, we were in the area.....lol.....or we didn't hear you say you didn't need back up!!!! LOL

          Boobies are just like pringles.......can't just have one!!


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            Lets just say that this was the safest gas station in town that day given all the officers doing special patrol in the area.

            The only thing that really sucked was that I couldn't think of a valid reason to do a Terry frisk.


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