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There's a baby born everyday!:)


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  • There's a baby born everyday!:)

    My neighbor was 7 months pregnant when she started feeling pains one day. She called her stupid Lamaze instructor who says, "Oh, don't worry it happens all the time" Not TIMED pains don't ggeeezzzz
    Anyway, she calls me and I went over and I told her to call her dr. So she did and she went in to see him. I offered to drive her but she said no, it wasn't far. Anyway, he examines her and gently says, "Honey, get your clothes on. I'm taking you to the hospital. This baby is coming." He was very in control and calm which helped her. He tells his nurse to pull his car up front and she asks should she call 911. He said there wasn't time but to try to inform the police that he would be in a certain type of car, going down the Interstate. He gets her in the car and takes out like a bat out of hell.
    She says they are going like fire down the Interstate and she looks in the mirror and sees her husband , who she had called, had caught up with them, was behind them. Then, they see the red lighst. They have to pull over and the dr jogs back to tell the officer what was going on so he escorts them to the hospital.
    Their litle girl was born 15 minutes after they go to the hospital. She weighted a healthy 4 pounds (She would have been Monster Baby at full term) and is a happy healthy 4 year old today....and the light of my life! It's like I'me a grandmother!( A YOUNG grandmother) Ok, tell us your baby stories, you guys!

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      There's a baby born everyday! Good heaven's let's find the father and castrate him. We've got enough folks in the world just from NORMAL guys. . .

      I was present at my own birth!

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        Why I was present at my own birth toom Don! What a coincidence! But I can do you one better! My IDENTICL TWIN sister was there too!!!!!! Yep, it's the truth. I REALLY do have an identical twin sister! There TWO of me! But she's very quiet. I don't know why


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          Um, I've delivered two babies in 21 years. Now I know that's nothing at all for the folks here; but one was at a t/a in Germany in a bakery in 72 and the other in Camp Chaffee, AR in 75, among the Viet Nam refugees that had escaped the fall.

          The first lady was about 30 and she was talking me through it!

          The second was a 15 year old girl, who was brought up to my 1/4 ton jeep. In the middle of a huge mass of people, baggage and babies crying in multi-languages, a man pointed out the girl, saying: "She is having a baby, Sgt." And so I set to work, right there on the lawn next to an old post stockade

          Two was enough for me!

          Jim Burnes


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            Well Mitzi if your sister is quiet she's got to be a twin we know she's not a clone or she'd be all over the forum too. Two of you the same. OH NO.
            Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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              We are night and day. It was really kind of strange, actually. I am only 10 minutes older then her. But my parents always treated me like I was the "eldest" daughter and should know more then her. If something happened, say we both made the same mistake, their atitude was she was the youngest and didn't know any better and I was the oldest and should have known better. So, I would get in trouble and she wouldn't. I was treated like I was 10 YEARS older then her.
              It was a strange childhood. Unfortunately, we aren't close.


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                I guess the first one was the best. It was a lady that drove out to the edge of New Orleans. It was about 15 miles from the city to try and stop her husband that was going on a buisness trip. She was having pains and wanted to catch him to take her to the hospital. I just pulled up to this stoped vehicle with a young woman in it stopped on the I-10. She was getting ready to have the baby and the nearest emergency unit was 20 miles away. I was young out the academy so it was the first baby for her and the first experience for me. She had a beautiful baby girl. She was proud and so was I. Actually had to go the hospital the next day and see the baby. Met the husband it was a happy occasion.
                Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                  When I was in 8th grade I went to a privet school away from home (in a different state.) I boarded at some ones house and I was miserable especially b/c my mom was getting ready to have her 7th kid. I wanted to know when she went in to labor (so I could come home!!) and they did not want to tell me till the baby was born so (I guess) I would not worry. But the night she went in to labor (keep in mind I had know way of knowing) I was really rest less, tossing and turning in bed. So at around 11:00pm I called my house to talk to some one. My dad answered the phone and I talked to him for a wile. (For some reason it did not strike me as odd that my dad was awake. My family usually goes to bed by 9:30pm. In the course of our talking I asked “if mommy was having her baby would you tell me?” he said he would if I had asked. But he said nothing was going on. (Turns out he honestly did not believe my mom was having the baby at that time.) Well I hung up with him and tried to get some sleep, but I tossed and turned till around 12:00am when I was able to relax and go to sleep. I dreamed all night that my mom had a boy. Well at 7:00am I got a phone call from my dad saying my mom had a boy!! I asked when he said around 12:00am!!!!!!


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