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  • Lottery luck

    For those of you play the lottery on a regular basis, have you ever won, and if so, what's the biggest payout you've had. I won't be offended if you don't tell. I just figure unless I've seen your name in the paper or hear about you on the news, I highly doubt we've had any multi-million dollar winners.

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    I won $50 bucks on a scratch off once. Tee hee hee. My pal was ****ed, (she plays *ALL* the time.) I just thought what the hell, I'll buy one and I got lucky.

    She stopped complaining when I took her out to dinner with it.


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      We haven't gotten a mega lottery yet, they only numbers game we have is Pick3, which only gives away like $100.00 bucks, I think. So I dont even bother to play it. We are supposed to become a part of TheBigGame lottery some time this year, and I will play it religiously!!!!!

      I dont like playing scratch off's either, but my wife buys two everytime we go somewhere and she always gives me one. Last month I won $50.00, and in all fairness, I bought her a bath spa thing she had been wanting for awhile. I figured she earned it since she bought the ticket.


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        I think the highest I've won is $2, lol. Then I turned around and bought two more tickets and didn't get anything. I never win anything.. [Frown]
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          Last summer I had a streak where I didnt want an extra $1 clouding up my wallet after a gas purchase, so I picked up a lottery ticket. By the end of the streak I had spent a grand total of $3 on tickets and come out with a total winnings of $164!! Not bad, not bad at all!!
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            I won 600 bucks on a tip from the bus boy at Dennys once. I never really play but did it that day on a whim!!


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              One year, I hit five numbers in Lotto. It paid out 3600 and change. Under 4,000, they don't take taxes out of your winnings at time of redemption. Had to pay taxes on it at the end of the year. What a mess.

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                Those of you who play Lotto or Mega Millions, do you choose easy pick, or do you have numbers you pick all the time?

                I play fairly regularly, and always easy pick. I never win anything. [Frown]
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                  I play the Jersey Cash 5 pretty often, i let the machine pick the number...i also play Pick-6 now and then. i've won $50 on the scratch off games a couple times, and around $75 from the Cash 5.

                  the other day i won the check pool at work. we play the last 3 digits of the serial number and the cents of our check like a poker hand. i won $350! i never have luck with that stuff so it was a big thrill. it costs $10 a pay period to play.

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                    Coming back from a dive trip in Florida in 95, I was down to about $4. A buddy had already told me he'd cover me on the meals coming back, but I hated he had to.

                    We made a gas stop just outside Jacksonville, and while waiting for the bathroom, I browsed the store. Of course they had all kinds of tourist trinquets, but there was a sand cast figurine of a cat I REALLY wished I could have bought for my wife (then girlfriend.) It was about $15, so I had to pass.

                    I bought a Snickers, a Gatorade, and 2 $1 tickets.

                    The second ticket was a $50 winner.

                    I bought the figurine (which she still has) AND bought my own da** supper that night.

                    The figurine, meager as though it may be, brought it's rewards [Wink]
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                      6 members of my last PD hit the lotto I believe it was something like 1.2 mil a piece. The winners were the Chief, Det Commander, 3 detectives and the training SGT. It is a small department 32 people and it caused a lot of strife. They all still work and some of the road guys were jealous. It all happened before I got there but I still saw the friction. The only problem for me was my wife, she said there was no way that I could win if I worked there because they had already won.


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