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  • Planet of The Apes

    The movie was OK, my two boys liked it a lot, but what in the hell was that ending supposed to be? A joke? Are they trying to set us up for a sequel, or were they trying to rule it out?


    Can anyone who's seen this movie explain to me how that ending could possibly make sense?

    The movie takes place on an alien planet a few thousand years in the future. When the Wahlberg character goes back to his own time and gets back to earth, he finds the Evil Thade (who won't be born for another 2000 years) has already come and gone, and Earth is now run by the apes????

    OK, I think I can come up with a few theories on how that could have happened, but they won't be very plausible. I guess asking for "plausible" is silly, since the subject matter is talking apes ruling the world....

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    I was dissappointed to say the least. I never watched the ones from the past, so thats why everyone said i did not get the new one. Plus i went and seen it at the drive in and the screen was so dark it was real hard to enjoy it.
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      I guess the producers figured if Wahlberg can time travel into the future, Thade can time travel into the past..... Sci-fi can be like that, it makes it SO much fun to read!
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        The ending was kind of like the book. I imagine thats where they got it from.


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          Some of the millions spent on the Ape make-up should've been invested toward acting lessons for Mark Wood-burg...I mean,Wahlberg.
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            I have been fortunate enough to have seen the original Planet of the Apes and its sequels and all I can say is that the only enjoyment that I got from watching the movie was the ape makeup. The movie had no story to it. In the original, Charlton Heston discovers that the planet is actually Earth. He does this in the last scene of the movie, when he discovers the top half of the Statue of Liberty. This movie was followed by, I think, four other movies.

            I couldn't understand a number of things in the movie. Firstly, the ship received a mayday message from one of the humans (the girl's father). How did he send the message? Not explained.

            Then there was the very attractive young girl and the spaceman. What was the point of the girl in the plot, if there was not going to be any hanky-panky?

            Then why did the evil ape kill the two henchmen for finding the trail of the spaceship through the trees? The spaceship ended up in the water. Apes were afraid of water, so none of them were going to find the spaceship?

            Next, there is an almighty battle being conducted. Another ship turns up. Everyone stops fighting when the door opens and the monkey climbs out. Their god returns. They bow down to a monkey that cannot speak!!!?

            Then, when the spaceman is returning home, the time line is running backwards to the time that he came from and he turns up in an ape run world. He discovers that the Earth is run by apes.

            I was totally disappointed with it. I was similarly disappointed with the movie "Lost in Space".
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              Just returned from seeing American pie 2. I laughed so hard! Go see it! All the originals came back for the second movie and i think it makes a big difference.
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