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....and he was just getting his life back together.


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  • ....and he was just getting his life back together.

    Live television can be a blast after all...

    or imitating cartoons??

    Was the garden hose water pouring out the gut wound?

    Bwahahahahahahaha! Sorry but this Shiite is funny.....bwahahahahahahahaha

    God bless and keep safe cops everywhere!
    Harry S. Truman, (1884-1972)
    “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.”

    Capt. E.J. Land USMC,
    “Just remember – life is hard. But it’s one hell of a lot harder if you’re stupid.

    George Washington, (1732-1799)
    "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

    Originally posted by Country_Jim
    ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.

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    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. One shot to the chest didn't put him down instantly, and make him and his soul dissolve into a cloud of sparkling mist?

    I've been lied to!


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      But... but... the Deputies were only about 50 yards away, they could have shot the gun out of his hand... Excessive force!!!


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        There is a much better video

        1. Get out of car

        2. Point gun at deputies, try to fire but realize you forgot to chamber a round

        3. Chamber a round

        4. Grab your crotch

        5. Fire at the deputies

        6. Act surprised when they fire back

        7. Get shot in chest

        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          Initially it annoyed me how the KNBC helo zoomed out so much, but it ended up giving a good perspective of how far away the deputies were. I'd say they did some seriously good shooting!
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            Notice how he gestures, jumps and hops around. I believe it's called Dancing With The Stars, Los Angeles style.
            Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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              Somebody watched too many rap videos.
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                I watched this live, and man I was screaming at the TV. The straight out ignorance of the newscasters is simply astonishing. Especially when they remarked on "How can anyone get shot and then get up?" DUH! Cause that's the way that schit works in real life.


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                  But, but, but.....


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                    He didn't even get thrown back by the shot like they do on TV.

                    I wonder how many people got their warped views of what being shot is like shattered by these videos? I'm guessing if they saw it, they dismissed it because 100's of hours of TV violence tells them otherwise.
                    “Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.” - Robert F. Kennedy.


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                      The idiots on FB were commenting that the police don't kill this guy who was shooting at them but they apparently kill unarmed black kids (Mike Brown's name was mentioned) on a regular basis. I had to close the link after about 3 comments because I was about to throw my phone against the wall.
                      Originally posted by RSGSRT
                      We've reached a point where natural selection doesn't have a chance in hell of keeping up with the procreation of imbeciles.
                      Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?


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