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    When a department is conducting a background investigation on you and they are checking with your past employers, what is it that they want to know? The reason I'm asking is I currently work for a security company and yesterday had a VERY bad day at work. After having some nut bring in a dead bird demanding I call 911, another nut pushing buttons on the fire system setting it off, another nut asking me out and when I wouldnt talk to him he sat in the middle of the lobby indian style quacking like a duck at the top of his lungs, got chewed out by some lawyers, had two instances of people getting stuck in the elevators. All while this is going on, I have to check visitors in by checking to see if they're on the list, check their IDs, and teach them how to use the elevators (they're locked and take special cards). After all of this happens, I'm in a really bad mood and the VP of my company comes in and finds 2 things I'm doing wrong and writes me up. So I lose my temper and just said a few choice words. Got written up again. The 3 warnings equal a two day suspension.

    My question is will the PD ask what the company just if i was ever written up or will they ask what I was written up for? I'm hoping what for b/c they were REALLY stupid reasons...except for losing my temper that is. Well, sorry for rambling on but any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Gecko actually does bring up a good point. If you can't handle yourself well in stressful situations now, how do you expect to make it in law enforcement? Not trying to sound rude, but just suggesting that you think long and hard about it.
    In law enforcement you will have superiors who will reprimand you for things and write you up for things that you might think are stupid. But don't you think it might be a problem if you started swearing at the chief of police?
    Anyway, to answer your question about the background investigation:
    When the department contacts this employer they will find out that you were written up x number of times and suspended x number of times. I would assume that it would be up to the employer how much they wanted to discuss the reason(s) behind the suspensions and write ups. If you're concerned about it, I would mention it in an interview. Be honest with them. Tell them that you got written up and suspended from XYZ Security. But then tell them what you got written up for and what you got suspended for.
    If you're not in a police explorer program, you might want to check into that. It would be a good way for you to get a little taste of law enforcement and maybe help to show you if you could handle the job or not.
    Good luck!
    Law abiding citizens sleep peacefully in their beds solely because dedicated men and women stand ready to do violence on their behalf.


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      Well the problem is we're not allowed to ask people to leave unless they have been in the building for an excessive amount of time or until they do something out of order. The building is half professional and half public. We're in a downtown area where several street people come and go, ask for money, try to find places to sleep, etc. The management doesn't want us to deal with them unless they are bothering the professionals. We used to kick them out until one guy tried to sue us for discrimination. Now we just call the police and they take care of them. We actually have the two beat officer's cell phone numbers on speed dial.

      As far as the fire panel goes, its in the open and just out of my sight. I guess when they were installing it they didn't think too much about it. And I'm not the type to lose my temper. I've been working with the public for 5 years and have always been able to handle myself. Don't know why yesterday was any different. Thanks though.

      Oh and Gecko, I don't really plan on ever being a "true security professional", just a job to get me through college


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