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  • Put 'Em in a Coffin

    Have you all seen this? It's the new "thing." We had the knockout game. Now we have this piece of brilliance!

    Warning: NSFW Language

    Yeah, that guy was arrested. More info about it here:

    Information/background on the fad:

    So, what do you think? Are you going to go out and give it a go? (sarcasm)
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    You are a few months behind on this one. The compilation videos of it on youtube are actually kinda funny to watch.With that said, I think its stupid/criminal/ and I wouldn't tolerate someone destroying a stores or private persons property like some of the people do in said videos.

    Also if someone landed on the hood of my car doing this "game" they better hope they can get off quicker than my V8 accelerates or they will going going on a ride. This most recent one was different from the others I saw where it has now gone overboard. We had the knockout game too but haven't seen it since summer and I don't think "PeiaC" has taken off like that did.
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