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  • LE Resources That Are Lacking

    Hey everyone. I have a few questions for you all:

    What would you say is lacking when it comes to purchasable goods and services available to law enforcement agencies and officers? There are plenty if online and storefront resources available for us to obtain supplies, equipment and uniforms, but what are some things you can think of that are lacking. What needs aren't being fill by your local shops or online resources? What could be improved upon? What resource would be cool to have that isn't currently available? An example I can come up with is that our local shop takes several weeks after a uniform is ordered for it to be available for pickup, especially if some simple tailoring is needed. They also refuse to tailor certain types of uniforms/materials that other tailors are capable of tailoring. This can raise a problem when there are limited shops that hold licenses to create/incorporate official patch designs and insignias. I'm attempting to get a good idea of trends across the country and to see what areas could use improvement when it comes to supplying the LE community with what it needs/wants.

    I'm hoping we can all use this information to forward on to quartermasters or other resources attempting to provide needs and wants to law enforcement.


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    They need to make uniforms that are cut to fit officers who are in shape. Make the fatties have to pay and wait for custom tailoring.

    Plus, the really good tailors probably aren't going to be found at uniform shops.
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      Probably isn't what you were looking for, but there are still small departments in this country that can't buy their guys ballistic vests. I don't know if there's a way for you to get in on that market.


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        Sports "players" make millions and don't go through what we do. Many are full fledged perps. I would love to switch all the salaries of sports "players" with those of cops, firemen, paramedics, and teachers. They truly deserve it. Honorable professions are the pillars of society. Maybe then the uneducated millionaires, would become productive members of society.
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