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TV is enough!


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  • TV is enough!

    Since my term paper last quarter on the ill effects of excessive television consumption (Paper title was "Reclaiming our Living Rooms") I have not watched anything on TV other than listen to the morning news while getting ready for work. I haven't missed TV at all actually.. In lieu of the boob tube, I have begun going on walks which I find highly addictive, or I work on some digital portraits I never had the time to work on before. I just reduced my cable plan actually on Friday and now I just get the basic channels and it saves me $25 a month. I still see movies though at the theatre.. could never cut them out

    A very interesting quote that I used in my paper was uttered by Kurt Vonnegut on the 1 Giant Leap CD:

    TV is enough... is providing artificial friends and relatives to lonely people. What, what it is, is uh, recurrent families; the same friends and relatives come back, week after week, after week, after week. And they're wittier, and they're better looking, and they're much more interesting, and they're richer than your real friends and relatives.
    Do you agree with this quote above? In general, what are your feelings towards TV? Is it a friend or foe? Also, please answer the poll question on how much TV you watch on average daily..
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    I seem to recall 'someone' stating 'TV was a passing fad and it would never last....'
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      My TV is actually on a lot more than it is really watched. I have it (or a CD) on as background noise while I'm on the computer (which is about 75% of the time I am at home.

      I agree that TV takes the place of family and freinds for a large number of people, though. For a long time, that, and my computer (this forum, mainly) were my best friends.

      I know, that's sad to admit, but I don't use the word "friend" for just anyone I know.

      As Rush Limbaugh once said: "Words mean things".

      Another favorite of mine is: "Say what you mean, and mean what you say". Author unknown...
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        I like to watch TV but there is so little to watch these days. I can't stand these reality shows & sitcoms have gotten pretty lame. If it's not a news program, late night show, or a movie, I'm using the TV to play my PlayStation games...& I've been doing a LOT of that lately.


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          I work in television, but I don't watch. I spent almost three years without a television at all when I lived in New York. The result was that I read more, walked more, had fewer commercial-induced food cravings, lost weight, met more people, was more creative, and generally didn't miss the talking box at all.

          When I moved to DC I decided not to get cable, but was watching a little on the rabbit ears. Last month, however, I accidentally broke the antennae and haven't had television since. I can only watch DVDs on it now.

          The result? I'm reading more, walking more, having fewer commercial-induced food cravings... You get the picture. The majority of television is meaningless. The interesting stuff will eventually be availabe on DVD anyway.


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            I go to bed early since I go to work at 5:00am. If I have time after dinner and doing homework with my granddaughter I sometimes watch an episode of Law and Order on TNT. Friday nights we get a video or two.
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              I don't watch much prime time TV anymore; most of it makes me want to gag. I prefer TV Land, some Nick At Nite shows, and the Cartoon Network! Except for Monday night; have to have my Third Watch, and Crossing Jordan!
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