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Another Reason Officers Should Wear Body Cams....


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  • Another Reason Officers Should Wear Body Cams....

    I would have loved to have seen the footage from this:


    SAMMAMISH, Wash. -- Police in Sammamish say a Christmas Eve mail thief tried -- and failed -- to get away from pursuing officers using a stolen kayak.

    The bizarre chase began early Wednesday morning when a number of Sammamish residents called 911 to say they had seen a man and woman stealing items from local mailboxes.

    Kerek Edwards heard some commotion Wednesday morning and looked outside to see two people in his backyard.

    "I heard some footsteps on the gravel out here. We have a lot of deer but they don’t make the same noise," Edwards recalled. "I said, 'Hey, what's going on? What are you guys doing out here?'"

    The callers gave police a description of the car the thieves were driving, which was immediately broadcast to responding officers.

    Later that morning, the two suspects parked their car in a driveway in the 2900 block of 204th Avenue SE, according to police. Neighbors noticed a large amount of mail inside the car. Realizing the mail was likely stolen, a resident parked behind the suspects' car, blocking them in the driveway.

    The two accused thieves then took off on foot, with police hot on their heels. At at 8:20 a.m., officers caught the female suspect and arrested her without incident.

    The male suspect kept running, and police say he soon found a kayak near a waterfront home.

    "The next thing I saw he was on the dock, running out onto the dock," said Brian Conway. "He just flipped (the kayak) into the water and started paddling away like he was on a surfboard."

    The man hopped in the kayak and tried to make his getaway, but he didn't get far because he was using his hands to paddle.

    Conway's son, who had just returned from a run, also saw the man trying to get away. He hopped into another kayak and quickly caught up with the accused thief.

    "He was actually going backwards when I talked to him. He was pushing the water backwards, sitting on the back of the kayak. It was really a sad sight," Nolan said. "When I caught up to him, he didn’t say anything. He just kind of sat there. And he’s like, 'alright, I’ll come to shore.'"

    "The moral of the story is, if you're going to steal a kayak, steal a paddle too," his dad chimed in.

    The man eventually returned to the dock and surrendered. Both suspects were booked into King County Jail for investigation of mail theft.
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    hilarious lol


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