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Why did the NY prosecutor drop the charges on Funderbunk and suspend the officer.


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  • Why did the NY prosecutor drop the charges on Funderbunk and suspend the officer.

    Edit: heading Funderburk not Funderbunk

    There is an incident on the net where 3 or 4 gangbangers assaulted a 20 year old victim. These bangers were repping their set by yelling their gang name during this assault. I believe it was an initiation.The victim was beaten with his own cane. The victim was hospitalized with a broken jaw.. The officers caught these assailants and one resisted arrest. A plain clothes officer saw this and ran up and struck the assailant twice in the lower back to get the assailant to comply.

    This is where things become unclear. Maybe someone can explain how the prosecutor would decide not to prosecute this assailants. Be advised these bangers were part of a gang assault,there was an introduction of a weapon,resisting and eluding.

    It appears to be an attempt to remove the officer from duty. Would the civilian administration force the prosecutor not to prosecute the assailants because it could validate the plain clothes officers actions?

    When we get the scale of justice out and weigh the facts it is conclusive. We have a 4 on one with the victim being disabled. This victim had possibly catastrophic injuries. This obviously was a gang attack on the premise these members would be allowed entry to a criminal gang. There was obstruction,resisting arrest and a weapons charge.

    Then we have three officers trying to cuff an assailant gang banger.The assailant is fighting and not complying. A plain clothes officer throws two strikes to the lower back and this ends the fight with the assailant being cuffed. The assailant is still running his mouth.

    The video was removed. I watched it several times. The assailant was not cuffed when the plain clothes officer arrived. His actions ended the struggle the officers were having with the assailant.

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    Victim probably dropped the charges in fear of retribution.
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