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Sworn IT Personnel - Any benefits?


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  • Sworn IT Personnel - Any benefits?


    The agency that I work for is staffed 100% with civilian IT staff. We've had some discussions regarding adding sworn personnel to the mix, but I wanted to get some opinions regarding y'alls experiences. The thought is that they'd be more capable of becoming involved with active investigations, etc. Not to mention the fact that they're often exposed to more information/evidence than many of our officers.

    So, for those agencies that have sworn staff in IT, has it been beneficial? What things has it helped you accomplish, how do you think it's working out, what benefits have y'all had in having them there, etc? Anything that you think would be helpful is greatly appreciated!

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    They become niche employees dedicated to special projects for admin and handling the rollout/maintenance of mdts, cad, etc. Having a professional and competent IT staff is necessary.

    Would they handle complex computer crimes? Maybe. But if all they are is a techno-geek and they have ****ty investigative skills... They won't leave the evidence room/IT department.
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      I really can't see the benefit of that position being a sworn officer.

      Waste of a sworn slot that could be used on the street.

      A friend of mine who I went to the academy with retired from his officer position and became the department IT person (under a separate retirement system)
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