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  • scam try?

    I have a microwave oven posted for sale on Craigslist. I got a text from a PA area code, I live in FL. Their plan was to send me a money order. I got a text the next day saying his/her "assistant" bought a money order for the wrong amount & would I send the balance back to them, my spidey senses alerted. They sent me two money orders in one envelope, each for $972.20 I was selling the microwave for $200. The identification #s were different and not sequential.

    I asked the local police, they didnt seem interested, they said to check with the money order issuer to check the authenticity of the money orders. The issuer said the m.o. were flagged, they wouldnt give me a reason, their suggestion was to return the m.o.'s to the sender. The return address was only a 1st name & 1st letter of last name with an address that Google Earth indicated was non-existent. I returned the m.o. via certified mail, return receipt. Of course the m.o. was returned to me with a "no such address" stamp. I didnt open the envelope, I've put it in my safe in case I need proof that I tried to return the m.o.

    I received a text from another to buy the microwave with a NJ area code. I didnt even bother to answer the text.
    I received yet another text from a El Paso, TX. Again I didnt answer.
    Persistent sob's arent they?

    Did I cover my *** enough so that if they attempted to accuse me of theft I will be cleared? I dont think that will happen, obviously it was a scam but just in case.
    Suggestions of what you would have done? if you werent LEO.
    Thank for the dangerous job you do to keep us safe.
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    You did more than I would have.
    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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      I found an article called "Craigslist Overpayment Scams":


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        Use the money orders to pay for the extra costs on the security systems and cruises we all win weekly.


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          did you send them the microwave?
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            Originally posted by allniter89 View Post
            I was selling the microwave for $200.
            Two bills for a used microwave oven and you're worried about someone ripping you off?

            Seriously, the certified mail thing was probably overkill. These losers scam people like this on a daily basis. Thank goodness they didn't part you from your cash.

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              "I have a microwave oven posted for sale on Craigslist. I got a text from a PA area code, I live in FL. Their plan was to send me a money order."

              That's as far as I got before deciding it was absolutely a scam.


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                Iowa #1603,
                I've had many friends tell me I did way more than I had to. I was concerned they were somehow going to claim I cashed the money orders and didnt send the microwave. Over-react Jack is what they call me, lol.

                Max K,
                Thanks for the interesting link. I see at least one Nigerian 419 scam in my spam folder every week as well as most of the other scams.
                I dont even bother opening the email. Most of the scams are so obvious is hard to believe people fall for them.

                I have a pos leaving messages on my answer machine that "they have exciting news for me". I supposedly won a contest I didnt enter.

                So Fla Cop,

                Its a brand new over the range microwave. We won it at the grand opening of a local appliance store. We already have one and the appliance store wont take the new one back.

                I also decided early on there was something fishy about this. Hard to believe people fall for this, its not difficult to see through this. Why would someone 1,000 miles away buy a microwave sight unseen, sheesh its not hard to figure out.

                Thanks for your input everyone. Stay safe & have a great holiday.


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                  I've taken at least 8 reports on this scam this year.


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                    I'm getting ready to retire with the $8 MILLION I inherited from an unknown relative in Nigeria! WOO HOO!!
                    Originally posted by RSGSRT
                    We've reached a point where natural selection doesn't have a chance in hell of keeping up with the procreation of imbeciles.
                    Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?


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                      You invited the scammers for trying to sell a used microwave for $200. No one in their right mind would go for it. Even if it's unboxed people know they can't take it back to the store and they can get a new one for that amount.


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                        Here's one for ya...a guy calls and tells me I just won $3,000,000.00. I just hung up the phone. After about two minutes, the guy calls back and wants to know why I hung up on him? I politely told him it was because he was an IDIOT! Some peoples' kids!


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                          scam for sure the money orders were fake and you would only learn that when you sent them the overpayment and the microwave


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                            Who buys a used microwave from another state?
                            Where'd you learn that, Cheech? Drug school?


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                              Use this to have fun with telephone scammers. It works especially well for those guys named "Trevor" with the thick Indian accent.

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                              It is the same when you are stupid.


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