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  • Motivational LEO Video

    Not sure if you all have seen this video, but its making the rounds on the interwebs.
    Warning: some language.

    The media may tell the world how horrible we are, but you know how we are. Proud to be a part of the thin blue line. Be safe out there.
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    Well f*k....I am all sad now....those officers

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    Originally posted by Iowa #1603
    Your logic defies logic
    Originally posted by Rudy8116
    Blah blah blah, cops don't need camo, something something something, why do police need armored vehicles, angry rant angry rant angry rant let's take them all away, angry masturbation.
    Originally posted by Michigan
    Arresting someone is fun, but playing with my pecker is still more fun.
    Originally posted by TheTick
    A pallet of Cheetos and pictures of my cock are inbound.
    Originally posted by TheTick
    This gangsta *** mother ****er was twisting trees with dank nuggs while in his crib.
    Originally posted by 02paul09
    Being a cop these days in an officer safety issue


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      Love this. The public is clamoring for body worn cameras....well this vid is a taste of what they will see, what its really like to Protect and Serve in America.

      Right or wrong, deserved or not, our elected officials, pro teams, college teams, and the media have made US public enemy number one.
      Stay extra frosty out there in this upcoming year my dear brother and sisters, I sense there has been a sea change in the public's perception of where the line is and how far across it they are willing to step ( http://www.newsday.com/news/brooklyn...cops-1.9712727 ). Be ready for that in all encounters. Stay sharp , stay safe.

      "I'm the police. And I'm here to arrest you. You've broken the law. I did not write the law. I may even disagree with the law. But I will enforce it. No matter how you plead, cajole, beg or attempt to stir my sympathies, nothing you do will stop me from placing you in a steel cage with grey bars. If you run away, I will chase you. If you fight me, I will fight back. If you shoot at me, I will shoot back. By law, I am unable to walk away. I'm a consequence. I am the unpaid bill. I am fate with a badge and a gun. Behind my badge is a heart like yours. I bleed. I think. I love. And yes, I can be killed. And although I'm but one man, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are the same as me. They will lay down their lives for me. And I them. We stand watch together. A thin blue line. Protecting the prey from the predators. The good from the bad. We are the police."
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      "The wicked flee when no man pursueth
      but the righteous are bold as a lion"

      Proverbs 28:1, inscription beneath NLEOM lion.sigpic


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