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Ferguson protester shoots herself in the head


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    Hey Stevie, is there a prescription alternative to the glue you're sniffing? Look into it.


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      Originally posted by Steve856
      The reason why you should care is because it effects you. The people who work in these pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and all other companies up and down New Jersey, are the ones who are buying homes, cars, services, etc. They are your neighbors. They pay your salary.

      You should have at least a hint of understanding of the make up of the local economy, because you live in it. Knowing the basis of the state economy simply makes you a better informed citizen.

      Do you need to be a supporter of drug companies? No, just like you do not need to be a supporter of corn growers if you are in Iowa, or a supporter of oil industry if you are Texas, or a supporter of movies if you live around Los Angeles, or a supporter of automobile industry if you are in Michigan. It is just not cool to be against or ignorant of the industry on which a lot of the state economy rests.
      They pay my salary? Um, last I checked, I pay about 8K per year in property tax.

      But I am not sure why I am not allowed to call out the sleaziness of an industry just because they are my neighbors. I despise salespeople of almost any kind, particularly telemarketers and car salesmen. But hey, I am glad they are working and contributing to our economy. But I won't pretend their doing anything noble.

      "Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it". George Constanza.


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        Steve is like most lawyers i deal with, ( i know hes really not a real lawyer type ) but a paper lawyer,but he still has the same aptitude ,



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