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Only probation for killing a man who pulled into his driveway?


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  • Only probation for killing a man who pulled into his driveway?

    It looks like the family got paid, and that seems to be all they're concerned about. This will just serve as more ammo for anti-gun folks.

    Pretty weak Gwinnett...


    Gwinnett Co. man pleads guilty in driveway shooting

    Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh was in the courtroom as Philip Sailors plead to the misdemeanor charge for the January 2013 shooting in Lilburn.

    Channel 2 Action News broke the news Friday about the plea deal which reduced a murder charge to the misdemeanor charge oF involuntary manslaughter and spared the homeowner any jail time.

    People Kavanaugh spoke with were surprised that Sailors made no statement and offered no apology to the victim's family during the hearing.

    Rodrigo Diaz, the victim’s father, told Kavanaugh in Spanish he wasn’t expecting anything today.

    Investigators say GPS misguided Rodrigo Diaz to the wrong house that night. Diaz was trying to get to the home across the street so he could pick up a friend to go roller-skating. When Sailors saw the strange car, he came out shooting. He fired once into the air. Investigators say the second shot went through the window and struck Diaz in the head.

    With his guilty plea Sailors will serve 12-months’ probation and pay a $500 fine.

    District Attorney, Danny Porter, said the family was on board with the plea deal.

    "They are not in a position where they want to have Mr. Sailors sent to prison for the rest of his life,” Porter said in court. “They are in a position where it is most important to them, that the public understand that Mr. Diaz, who was driving the car, was not committing any crime. (He) was not engaged in any unlawful activity, was not engaged in anything even improper."

    Sailors didn't address the court Monday, but the Diaz family did. Rodrigo's father had two questions for the court.
    After the hearing, Diaz’s father, Rodrigo Diaz Senior. told Kavanaugh that Sailors could have received a stronger punishment, but he believed that would only end up destroying two families.

    His eldest son, David, agreed.

    "There is no point for him to be in lifetime in prison. What we get from that? Nothing,” said David Diaz.

    During the hearing, Diaz addressed the court saying he still had two questions. He asked why Sailors used a bullet which he claims is particularly lethal.

    “I understand that it is a bullet designed to kill, that it explodes the moment it penetrates,” Diaz said through a translator.

    He also said it was his son’s dream that his little sister come to the United States. He asked the court if any doors could now be opened for that to happen.

    Diaz got no response to either question.

    As we first reported in May, the Diaz family sued Phillip Sailors citing he acted negligently.

    Attorneys say there was a settlement in which the family received an undisclosed amount of money.

    Sailors did not want to comment after the hearing. He was surrounded by friends and family who came to the hearing as a show of support.

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    He is a crotchety old coot with a hair trigger temper.

    Man rolls into his driveway. i have no problem with grabbing a gun. but you WAIT until they come bashing down the door before you shoot them. i know people like that, they are scary and over react to everything. He should be jailed for life, old man or not. He killed people that committed no crime and meant him no harm. maybe he will get hit by a bus on his way from his probation officer. Karma...


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      Originally posted by Steve856
      From the little that is written about this tragedy, it sounds like Mr. Sailor was punished a lot less than he should have been. Driving up to a wrong house should not be an act that calls for gunfire.

      But on a completely different subject. Something caught my eye in the article:
      "When Sailors saw the strange car, he came out shooting. He fired once into the air. "

      What is the current view of law officers on warning shots? Good? Bad? Should warning shots be encouraged (as suggested by our Vice President), or discouraged (it is still a potentially dangerous activity)? I've always considered warning shots to be a good thing, but in law school I think that they taught us that it is generally considered an assault with a deadly weapon, so it you are shooting, then you might as try to shoot to kill.
      I'm not a law enforcement officer, but I can tell you with certainty that no officer worth his salt would recommend the use of (illegal) warning shots.


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        that "warning shot" probably came down on someone or something a mile away. warning shots are bull sh ! t and shouldnt occur, your mileage may vary.
        "I don't go on "I'maworthlesscumdumpster.com" and post negative **** about cum dumpsters."
        The Tick

        "Are you referring to the secret headquarters of a fictional crime fighter or penal complex slang for a-$$hole, anus or rectum?"

        "and we all know you are a poser and a p*ssy.... "
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          If im clearing leather and squeezing the trigger, Im doing it for a reason,To go home myself.Im not there to scare people .
          The only warning shot they get is if i somehow miss the first time.


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