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A little "reasonable suspicion" + a little technology=burglary arrest


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  • A little "reasonable suspicion" + a little technology=burglary arrest

    Besides the fact that the lady used a trail camera to get a photo of the suspect, I like the fact that she acted on her suspicion that something "wasn't quite right." When a stranger on your dead-end road hides his face and departs in a hurry as though he knows he was seen, I'd call it RAS. (Or "JDLR.")

    It didn't prevent her home from being burglarized, but the camera was a fairly low-cost expedient method of catching the culprit. Maybe now that he's gotten locked up, some other break-ins and thefts will be prevented.

    Thumbs up to the homeowner, to Bay County S.O., and to the Parker PD officer. twothumbz.gif
    Capital Punishment means never having to say "you again?"

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    Good for her. Too bad it's after the fact and she has to deal with the feeling of violation.

    I also live on a cul-de-sac, and am very wary when I see strange vehicles come up my street. Sometimes it's just someone who thinks the street goes through, no problem. But every now and again I get that "tingle" that something isn't right. I don't even bother trying to be covert anymore - I just go out to the end of my driveway with my camera and start snapping shots of the car, the plate, and the face (or faces). Knowing their face is now on record is a pretty good deterrent for most "average" crooks.


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