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Iphone App My Serial Numbers - YOUR HELP NEEDED


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  • Iphone App My Serial Numbers - YOUR HELP NEEDED


    I've created an Iphone App called "My Serial Numbers" - the idea being that people using the app safely record their items serial numbers for their items on the device, attach photos, record warranty info and attach their receipt. Then if there item is lost/stolen/warranty issue they have all the information to provide to the police department/agency giving themselves a better chance on finding there item again.

    In my state in Australia, there is an actual linking system between the police system and the pawnstore/2nd hand goods store system that notifies the police if a report stolen item with a serial number provided to the police is on hand at that pawnstore.

    What I want to know for my apps research and areas to target and market that have a similar system in place, is what states/countries have the same or similar linking program.

    Thanks for your time


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    If something is stolen I'm calling the police. I don't need my phone to do it for me. I've recorded serial numbers for years but don't need it on a phone either. I just don't understand the phone fetish these days.


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      I agree with JasperST....
      Too much information being transferred between IPhones, the Cloud etc. I realize there's "an app for that", but sometimes a pen or pencil can offer much better security!

      (Is my age showing?)
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        Not that I fully understand the younger generation, but I do believe they would go for something like that. I have taken pictures of the important stuff and slapped it on a CD. I can see how they would like that. Not sure you need an app for that though.
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