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Massive manhunt for PA shooter


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    OK, if we're wanting to treat fictional characters and scenarios as if they are real …

    1. John Rambo was a Medal of Honor winner who served his country admirably. This POS is a dweeb with pretensions of being a Serbian soldier.
    2. John Rambo was highly trained in the blackest kind of Black Ops. This POS may be a good shot and he may know the woods he's in and he may be a "survivalist," but he's still a freaking amateur.
    3. John Rambo only went off when he was mistreated by a bad cop — a very caricatured one, mind you (BTW, is anyone aware that the actor who played the evil deputy in "First Blood" is the same guy who, with a lot of old-age makeup, played Gabby Johnson in "Blazing Saddles?") — and the only reason that cop got killed was that Rambo threw a rock and hit a helicopter and the cop fell out when he was trying to shoot Rambo against his supervisor's orders. This POS ambushed and shot two people in cold blood, simply because he has a mad on for cops.

    Stepping back into reality … there is no standing down in a situation like this, until he's carried out in handcuffs or a bag. Period. End of discussion now and forevermore.

    Originally posted by Steve856
    If Mr. Frein is indeed a sharpshooter, I really feel bad for the people searching for him. Theoretically, he could pick officers off at his leisure at, say, 500 - 1000 meters. Some recent reports indicate that some searchers believe that “this is game for him”. It seems that he may be baiting the searchers. http://www.local10.com/news/police-b...otted/28232094

    I hope that he is not that good as a marksmen or a survivalist.

    But if he were to be as good as Rambo ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U27Sd58MMEI ) it may cost a dozen lives before he is captured or killed.

    My question is: at what point would the police state: "Eh, we've already lost 10/20/50 men to this sniper/survivalist; we don't want to get more men killed; let's pack up, go home, and just pick him up in 3 months working in a car wash, as Colonel Samuel Trautman suggested."? Or is pulling back simply not an option?


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      Originally posted by btfp View Post
      This IS a game for him. He is leaving diapers behind. He left a gun behind. He WANTS to draw people out. I'll bet he planned this years in advance and he has fortified himself in a bunker that is well hidden.

      It would not surprise me to find out he has stockpiled food/water, clothes for the duration. I would LOVE to read that he was mauled by a bear or a pack of wolves.
      I hope he has something else done to him by a bear.
      I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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        Darn the "evil" "militarization" of police. Why would we ever need those types of rifles, armored vehicles, or camoflauge clothing?
        I yell "PIKACHU" before I tase someone.


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          Originally posted by Steve856
          Got him. Congrats to all.
          Glad it's over. It appears taken alive, so perfectly good air will continue to be consumed by him. At least no one else harmed while he played Rambo and wasted resources, time of people, and $$$.
          - Will

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