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  • Transit/Arlington/DC

    Re-made my list of agencies to work for. I really want to live in the Arlington/DC area -- spent a few days with some friends in Rosslyn, and I think I'd like to live there.

    I'm giving a lot of consideration to the Metro Transit Police. Any "inside" info on this agency? The website is kind of sparse. Where is the Academy, and how long is it? Is the hiring process roughly the same as other agencies?


    (PS -- I didn't even have the Metro Transit PD on my list until I saw a poster at Metro Center on Monday -- a woman with a blurred out face, and the caption: "This woman and many others is working undercover to keep you safe - Metro Transit PD*")

    *It was SOMETHING along those lines, anyway.

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    I believe MTP usually sends new hires to the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Center. They could through additional legal training to be certified in D.C. and Maryland.

    I believe they have about 300 officers. Many are assigned to Stations & Platforms which handles footbeats in the system. Other officers are in a patrol section and use cruisers. MTP attempts to keep officers within one jurisdiction to allow greater familiarity with local procedures.

    They also have a detective bureau, training unit, bicycle patrols, canine, HAZMAT, bomb squad, and a tactical unit. The officers are currently armed with SIGSauer 226's. Long guns are MP-5's and shotguns.

    Like many special-purpose agencies, they tend to be somewhat political. A new chief has just been appointed so it's hard to say what the agency will be like in the future.
    John from Maryland


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      Just thought I'd share...

      Jefferson County Police Department is hiring and taking applications till June 28th....


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        That's nice. Um. Never heard of it before.


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          They are located in Louisville, Kentucky...

          here is the


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            You know, I'd say "cool!" but, er, I think that'd be a bit of a commute from Rosslyn, don't you?


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              lol...hey well, I tried.



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                A friend of my just got hired by the D.C. Transit police. I don't really have any inside info. but I'm 99% sure that they are actively hiring, along with all the major PD's in DC. The Transit Police have to go through 3 acadamies since their jurisdiction runs through D.C, MD, and VA. That's the extent of my knowledge, hope it helps a little.
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                  Crazy in a Jeep:

                  I was in DC last weekend taking the Metro exam and spoke to a few officers about other agencies in the area. Take a look at Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax Co., NSA Police, Capitol Police, and the U.S Secret Service Uniformed Division. Both the Capitol Police and Secret Service lost alot of personnel to the Air Marshal Program.

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