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    Hey guys, I have a question regarding the Riverside sheriff department written test. I took it this past Friday 8/15/2014. Sadly didn't pass, pretty bummed out. I studied vocabulary and used a how to pass police officer test book. Was wondering how do they grade the test due to it being a timed 10 min vocabulary part, and rest of it bring answering questions at your own personal opinion, also answering questions such as what action displays leadership and would give you 4 options. Is it the whole test or just the first 75 questions of vocabulary they correct. I don't want to be specific due to knowing we can't discuss details, but what would be some tips, advice or other books or material to study. Anything would help, I highly appreciate it. Thank you and be safe out there.

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    We could offer you many thoughts and suggestions. Some would possibly be helpful, some totally worthless. At the end of the day, you're simply going to have to become more proficient at taking and passing these exams. (Don't know if that's helpful or useless in your view).There are many excellent study guides and practice exams available, and these pretty accurately mirror the typical written exams.

    Back to basics. Most Civil Service written exams measure your basic skills in Math, Reasoning, English, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension. The tests are definitely not rocket science, but require your serious attention. More often than not, the more you take these exams, the better you become at passing them.

    Merely "passing" the exam (usually a 70% score) is simply not going to get you hired. A score in the mid to high nineties is going to be required for you to become a viable and competitive candidate. More often than not, this effort will involve serious and sustained study and preparation.

    Continue to utilize the study guides and sample exams. Continue to sit for actual exams as often as you reasonably can. You should notice your overall scores improving, and it's that improvement which will eventually make the difference in your becoming a competitive applicant.

    Finally, stop by the California section of the forums and post your question there. You should get some valuable and helpful advice. Good luck.


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