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Hey... That was my idea


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  • Hey... That was my idea

    Don’t you hate it when you have an idea for a product and then a few months later someone is getting rich because you didn’t act on your idea? Or am I the only one who has had this happen on several occasions?

    The latest was for LED light bars. I had that idea about 2 1/2 years ago, and now in the latest gall’s catalog they are retailing between $1400.00 and $2500.00 a pop!! Damn I could have made millions!$!$!$! Has anyone seen or is using these LED light bars? I saw on CNN last night that the CHP has some new Camaros and they are equipped with them. The news anchor stated nothing about the lights, but made this stupid statement “the cars can reach 160 MPH, but don’t worry they are primarily going to be used for commercial vehicle enforcement.” EEERrrrrr..... Sorry, off topic there.

    The question, has anybody ever lost their idea and riches to someone else?
    Have you seen or used the LED light bars, and what do you think?

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    I had a great idea for a TV Show.

    Once while watching VH1's Behind the Music when the show first came out, I was thinking how they should do the same type of behind the scenes show for Pro Athletes and/or teams during a particular era (ex. an episode about the '85 Bears). Some of these athletes have interesting lives.

    Of course, I do nothing about it, and year or two later, Fox Sports comes out with "Beyond the Glory" and ESPN has "The Life".

    I could have had my name on the credits as Creator and Executive Producer.


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      What keeps LOTS of GREAT ideas from making it into fruition....or at least into MY wallet...are the patent search fees, which can range from $600 on up. OUCH!

      I've had a few LEO product ideas over the years, as well as non-LEO ideas. Some have been 'stolen', but most haven't.
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        If I had enough brains to come up with a new idea, I'd probably immediately try to put it to use. And it would be a flop. . .
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          I have an idea to make use out of those stupid touch pad mice on laptops. Ever notice that they have a black background? The actual touch sensors are clear and similar to those found in touch screens. Why not put a color lcd screen behind it and be able to bring up photos, or small utility programs such as a phone dialer or calculator? Just my idea.

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