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I hate being sick!


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  • I hate being sick!

    Anyone else sick? There's some kind of bug going around work and in the schools.. I must have caught it from someone [Frown]
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    the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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    Hope you feel better RaycelR,
    I've had a sore throat the last few days, But I always get sick the week of an interveiw or P.D. exam. Don't know why.


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      The other day I got home and sat down to a few beers. As I polished of the 4th one, a knock sounded at my door. I opened the door to this huge cockroach. It kicked me in the shins and then scurried away. I went to bed.

      Next night I got home and sat down for a few beers, and I hear this knock at the door. I answer, and this cockroach is back, and it punches me in the stomach, and then scurries away.

      Last night, I manage to down one beer when the knock comes. I answer the door, but this time with my pistol, and sure enough, the cockroach is back. Unfortunatley, before I can fire, this thing decks me, breaks my nose and kicks me in the back.

      Well, I manage to get to the hospital, and the doctor asks me what happened. I told him, and he said, "Yeah, there's a real nasty bug going around."


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        My wife came home from work sick today. Truly sick, not just sick of work. So far, I have not gotten it nor has my daughter. I tend not to get sick though, which is a good thing.

        I hope that you feel better RaychelR.

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          Not really sick, but kinda got an injury nagging me. During firearms re-qualification, while qualifying with shotgun, I had to run and take cover and fire. When I started running, my left achilles tendon started HURTING. I have limped around for about 4 weeks taking anti-inflammatory drugs, stretching, but the sucker still hurts. Went to Dr. today, told him drugs were not working, so he puts my foot in a walking boot to immobilize it for a month, and doubles up on drug strength.

          I guess no reserve deputy action for me for about a month, cause it sure would look funny getting out of the car with this big walking boot on!

          Oh, well, hope everyone else gets to feeling better. I'll survive.
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            Does sick of life qualify? My poor H is traveling all over the country, my son can't drive, twice, his rides have forotten him and we've had to pay expensive taxi's to get him back and forth to work. I can't drive because my diabetes is affecting my sight...and I miss my husband a lot when he is gone.
            Thigs got so bad I got a bad case of giant hives yesterday. The Dr. gave me an anti-anxiety pill...I said, FOR HIVES?
            But apparently they were caused by nerves because they are gone now, Life sucks.


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              I feel ya, I am leaving for the Bahamas Saturday and I have a soar throat you wouldn't believe, and my stomache...well lets just say I have a lot of quality reading time. [Wink]



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                I was a different kind of sick. I had my second operation for the kidney stones yesterday and thankful that it was just outpatient surgery, but OMG, do I feel beat up this morning. I've been a walking zombie since Sunday night because the pain was unbearable, so I pretty much lived on T3's.

                What sucks even more is my doc only did the stone on the left kidney and I have no clue what's to come for the stones on the right because one of them is so large. All I know is there is yet another operation sometime in the very near future. Thank God for medical coverage!

                Forgive the pity party. I'm just tired of feeling this way. I want to feel like *me* again.

                Raychel, I hope you feel better soon. Vitamin C and lots of fluids if it's a cold, if it's a stomach virus, God, I feel for ya even more. Go for the BRAT diet.


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                  SO I take it that your stones are too big to be broken up by sound? I had heard that they could use ultasound techology to break up kidney stones so they could be passed more easily.

                  Anywho hope you feel better soon Katey.

                  Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                    My doc had a very difficult time breaking up the stone on the left side but did manage to get it. Because the stone on the right is so large (2cm) and in a very difficult place, I don't know what will happen, but probably one of these options:

                    a) he'll try the lithotripsy anyway
                    b) he'll go in with a scope and then laser it
                    c) he'll make an incision in the back and remove them.

                    Like I said before, thank God for medical coverage.


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                      I know what you mean about the medical coverage. I am thankful for mine even though I have never had to use it. I do hope that you get better soon and that everything goes the easiest way it can.

                      Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                        Thank you, klar. Much appreciated.


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                          I'm just getting over being sick. I mean, I was really sick! Coughing up crap, runny nose, raw throat...the works! I even lost my voice! So I know how you guys feel. And like Mike said, there really is a nasty bug going around!
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                            I went to the beach when it was raining and I was practically the only one on the shore with my friends. I was running around the beach on the sand in my little shirt and shorts and bare feet in the rain and I got sick from that. Still coughing and sniffing but getting better.

                            I hope you get well soon.
                            "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst."


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                              OH GREAT! Now I've got it!

                              Which one of you did this??????

                              A video of Mrs. Fish running around on the beach in the earlier post might help things though... [Wink]

                              [ 09-14-2002, 07:42 AM: Message edited by: SGT Dave ]
                              People have more fun than anybody.


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