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Opening in Dekalb county GA


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  • Opening in Dekalb county GA

    Ex-DeKalb officer gets 10 years in sexual misconduct case

    A DeKalb County jury Friday convicted a former police officer of violating his oath when he asked for sexual favors in exchange for not arresting two women.

    DeKalb Superior Court Judge Courtney Johnson immediately sentenced Jeremy Reynolds to 10 years in prison.

    Reynolds was accused of asking a woman he stopped at a gas station on Memorial Drive to perform oral sex on him in exchange for not arresting her on a marijuana possession charge. The woman testified earlier this week that Reynolds was in uniform and she was in the backseat of his patrol car when she performed the sex act Sept. 15, 2009. Afterwards, he returned her marijuana and a crack pipe and then drove her to where she wanted to go, she said.

    The jury acquitted Reynolds of the aggravated sodomy charge, but convicted him of violating his oath based on that allegation. Jurors heard a recording of his confession in which he admitted asking the woman — whom The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is not identifying because she is the alleged victim of a sex crime — for the favor and getting it.
    Reynolds was also convicted of violating his oath when he asked a woman he stopped for speeding on Jan. 22, 2010, to show him her breasts to avoid going to jail. That woman, Yvonne Ruiz, refused.

    Despite her objections, Ruiz said Reynolds pulled up her shirt, touched her inappropriately and searched her before taking her to jail.

    Holy Moly....

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    Fired yes, maybe counseling and a short sentence yes. 10 years? The judge should go to jail for a sentence like that. The girl should also be charged with possession since she agreed to perform a sexual act to get out of a possession charge.


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      Hes lucky thats all the judge could give him.Idiots like that make all of us look bad.Even then he wont do but a couple.

      As for her being charged lol ,Im sure they are just praying she doesnt in turn sue them for official oppression as this happened while she was in custody in the back of a unit and him in uniform.Cause she would win.Out of Court settlement but with him convicted and them liable for his actions,She would be able to buy alot of weed when it was over.


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        There isn't a piece of *** out here on the street worth my honor, integrity or career.


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          Man that sucks for him!! or does it blow!


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