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308 Memphis PD Officers call in "sick"


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  • 308 Memphis PD Officers call in "sick"


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    I think this need to occur in more cites


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      Gotta love the power of the "Blue Flu".
      Getting shot hurts! Don't under estimate the power of live ammo. A .22LR can kill you! I personally feel that it's best to avoid being shot by any caliber. Your vest may stop the bullet, but you'll still get a nice bruise or other injury to remember the experience.


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        New numbers as of today put the total at 472 officers that have called in sick since June 30th.
        Be courteous, Be professional, Have a plan to kill everyone you meet


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          Good for them. Maybe a message has been sent. They always start with the working man/woman for benefit reductions. How bout some cuts to welfare and other social programs as well as the politicians taking some cuts, then maybe we can discuss cuts for those that work and pay for everyone else.


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            Latest count stands at 501 and expected to grow.


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              I would say post 500 job openings.


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                It would take 5 years to hire and train 500 Officers. How about the city leaders quit stealing from them.
                Be courteous, Be professional, Have a plan to kill everyone you meet


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                  good for those guys/gals for standing together. I wonder if the FD has started to do the same thing.

                  that would make WAY to much sense money to social service programs the needee need the money they have suffered so much....
                  I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

                  It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.


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                    I'm shocked people who claim to hold themselves to higher standards would dishonor themselves by lying about their health status......

                    ..... no I'm not, history shows it's SOP.
                    The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground." - Thomas Jefferson


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                      Originally posted by eyesopen View Post
                      I'm shocked people who claim to hold themselves to higher standards would dishonor themselves by lying about their health status......

                      ..... no I'm not, history shows it's SOP.
                      They're not allowed to strike and it's THEIR sick time that THEY earned. Get over it.

                      How else should they protest the ridiculous cuts?
                      Originally posted by RSGSRT
                      We've reached a point where natural selection doesn't have a chance in hell of keeping up with the procreation of imbeciles.
                      Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?


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                        Originally posted by eyesopen View Post
                        I'm shocked people who claim to hold themselves to higher standards would dishonor themselves by lying about their health status......

                        ..... no I'm not, history shows it's SOP.
                        Who said they are lying? Probably taking a well deserved mental health break.


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                          Perhaps Hineline if you knew more of the facts you might think differently. Perhaps not.

                          I'll try and give a summary. The city has failed for over two decades to adequately fund their share of the pension (the ARC, annual required contribution). They either paid less than the required amount 6% or usually, none at all. That left it to the employees to continue paying their share, 8%, they had no choice in the matter. Even after the recession of 2008, due to employee contributions, the pension is over 85% funded and stands at about 2.209 billion dollars. It is financially solvent by any standard. City claims it needs 5.5 million immediately to meet its obligation, the actual total amount owed is disputed, between 300 million and 800 million.

                          "There's a chart in one of Wharton's pension presentations to the council that tells this story in numbers. It's called "A History of Underfunding." In 2009, it shows that the city council needed to pay $71.5 million to fully fund the pension plan. They allocated and paid $17.4 million. The hole grew bigger and by 2013, $96 million was needed in that year alone just to begin making the fund whole. The council allocated $19.5 million. According to Wharton's chart, city leaders under-funded the city plan by more than $334.6 million from 2008 to 2013."

                          The city does not pay into Social Security, we cannot draw that unless we've met our quarters prior to city service, during city service working a second job or after retirement. Due to the federal windfall offset provision, any SS earnings are reduced by 2/3 because of drawing a govt pension. The city pays 6% into the pension, less than the 8% they would be required to pay to SS.

                          Recently the state passed a law that mandated that all TN cities not only must make their ARC or risk losing other state funds, that they also had 6 years to catch up. Most TN cities pay into the state pension, Memphis does not. Memphis administers its own.

                          The city is self-insured. In exchange for a lower wage than many of our peer cities, the city offered a benefits package upon hiring (for me, 25 years ago) that said....

                          We (the city) will give you a pension of 62.5% of your salary based on your last three highest earning years (does not include overtime); 55% if you retire before 25 years (if you can qualify for retirement on age) 72% if disabled in line of duty (tax free). If you stayed 35 years, you could max out at 72% (taxable).

                          We will provide health care insurance for you and your dependents for the rest of your life, the city pays 70% and the employee pays 30%. Health care will be there for your survivor and eligible dependents if killed or disabled LOD.

                          The city has consistently poured money into other projects, built a pyramid (venue for ball games, concerts and other events) but after several years abandoned it and built a new venue. It has since been sold to Bass Pro and the city is helping fund the remodeling. City recently spent 25 million to purchase a baseball park from private owners. Spent 43 million on a riverboat landing, there are no riverboats docking here. Recently purchased Beale St. and management rights from private owners (don't have a dollar amount for that). Recently pledged 15 million to rehab a decrepit building for private investors.

                          Another 66 million pledged to rebuild a failed shopping mall (investors didn't even ask for that money, council just stepped up and approved it), money to tear down the fairgrounds after the Midsouth Fair left town (city would not renew their lease after nearly 150 years); used that land to build an area for tailgate parties for University of Memphis (used only a few weeks a year during football season, don't have the price tag for that). The city owes 57 million to the new combined metro school system (city dissolved the city school system, ordered by the courts to pay and still haven't).

                          Memphis has the highest property tax rate in the state. Tax breaks in the form of PILOTS (payment in lieu of taxes) are routinely given to big business as an incentive to locate here, they are not paying their share. They are also not meeting the terms of the PILOT agreement in terms of wages paid, number of jobs they promised but the city will not revoke the PILOT.

                          Late last year, the city approved a $1000 a month "stipend" (first called a pension, then called pension supplement, then stipend) to sanitation workers who were on the job in 1968 when MLK Jr was killed here. The sanitation workers chose to remain with SS instead of paying into the pension when the rest of the city employees converted over 30 years ago. Now that the're facing retirement, they complained they couldn't live on SS alone.

                          Here's what the city now proposes for healthcare...

                          {{{ Effective 10/1/2014
                          24% mid-year medical premium increase for both active and retired employees based on cost of coverage. However, since the City of Memphis is self-insured the dollar amount of the premium is determined based on the experience of the plan. The actual premium amount is determined based on the cost of medical services in the previous year for all covered individuals.
                          Effective 1/1/2015
                          1) Increased the tobacco surcharge from $50 to $120 per family
                          2) A Spousal Carve Out if an employee’s spouse has healthcare insurance access through his/her employer
                          3) Pre-65 Retiree “Access Only” Plan
                          4) Post-65 Full Medicare Retiree “Access Only” Plan or a 25% subsidy for the retiree only if a citysponsored
                          Medigap, Medicare Advantage and/or Part D plan is chosen.
                          What is “Access Only” Coverage?
                          Beginning 1/1/2015, certain retirees will have “Access Only” coverage meaning that the City will no longer subsidize the 70% of their medical insurance premium. The retiree will still have full access to the City sponsored medical plan, but the retiree will be responsible for 100% of the cost if he/she chooses to remain in the City sponsored medical plan.
                          Why is the City no longer providing the premium subsidy to retirees?
                          The FY 2015 Budget adopted by Memphis City Council on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 represents the balancing of the need to secure the long-term financial stability of the City, to begin working toward fully funding the employee pension fund, maintain the current level of public services, and invest in economic growth opportunities without raising taxes.
                          The City’s $551 million pension fund deficit and $1.3 billon Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) debt were the main reasons behind the significant changes contained in the $618 million budget.
                          Because of the mid-year premium increase, will I have the option to change medical plans?
                          Yes. You will be given an opportunity to switch medical plans, enroll or delete dependents, or cancel your coverage during a Special Enrollment period.
                          When is the Special Enrollment period?
                          The Special Enrollment period will run from Monday, July 21, 2014 through Friday, August 1, 2014
                          Can I switch to my spouse’s employer sponsored plan during the City’s Special Enrollment period?
                          You will need to check your spouse’s employer eligibility guidelines but usually you can only join plans outside the regular open enrollment period if you have a qualifying life event (i.e. – marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc.). Additionally, because the City’s Special Enrollment period does not create a ‘loss of coverage’ situation, most likely, you will have to wait until the open enrollment period of your spouse’s plan.
                          What does “Spousal Carve-Out” mean?
                          Effective 1/1/2015, spouses are no longer allowed to have coverage through the City of Memphis if they have access to their employer’s sponsored plan. The City is implementing the Spousal Carve-out that requires all employees’ spouses to enroll in their employer’s sponsored medical plan.
                          What if my spouse works but his/her employer does not offer medical insurance or he/she is not eligible to enroll in the offered plans?
                          In this scenario, you will be allowed to cover your spouse on the City’s plan as long as you and your spouse complete and sign the Spousal Affidavit. It is important to keep the City informed of any changes in your spouse’s coverage options as all affidavits are subject to random audits.
                          I am a City employee and so is my spouse. Does the spousal carve-out apply to us?
                          No. If you and your spouse both work for the City, the current eligibility guidelines of the plan will continue to apply. You may each enroll in single coverage or one of you may enroll the entire family. }}}

                          (Retirees, paying 100% of healthcare, will see premiums rise as much as 300% in some cases. The average cost for family coverage would rise from about $350 a month to $1,800 a month. Some retirees would be left with as little as $100 to pay other bills. Even though the city can't reduce or modify their pensions, the effect of insurance costs will strip them of that as well)

                          That is the actual letter sent out after protests from city employees. Their initial proposal also cut LOD/disability benefits entirely. They also want to drop all employees with 10 years or less from the pension (you vest at 10 years) and force them into a 401(K). The city would contribute only for the first year and then none at all after that. That pension reform was to be voted on last week but was postponed after employees rallied in a mass protest at city hall, organized a boycott of businesses that are members of the Chamber of Commerce and after seeing no other options, chose to call out. TN public safety employees now, by law, cannot strike. It happened once here in Memphis in 1978 over similar issues, Google fire/police strike Memphis for details. Another mass protest is scheduled for tomorrow at the the Chamber of Commerce for their complicity in this.

                          The city voted 7-5 (one was absent) to cut these benefits at the urging of big business, the complete and full backing of the Chamber of Commerce. Did I mention that the Chamber President is Phil Trenary, the former CEO of Pinnacle Airlines, who walked away with a benefit package in the millions after his airline went bankrupt? Or that several of the city council members stand to profit handsomely in their own private businesses from the various deals and investments made with city money? The city is trying to force employees to Obamacare to shore up that failure and free up more money to pass out to political backers.

                          Without LOD/disability benefits, no pension or healthcare, would you want to stay here? 30 officers have resigned since this was passed, more are expected. Many FF's have resigned as well, though I don't have those numbers. Dallas PD was here last week actively recruiting officers to lateral, their pay and benefits far exceed anything we had, much less what the city offers now.

                          Our complement is 2,250 officers, we were already far below that. We haven't hired in over two years, suffered an unlawful 4.6% pay reduction for two years in violation of a signed MOU (since restored by the courts, still waiting on back pay), projected retirements this year alone is 165. In the wake of this, the city approved a new recruit class of 50 (fifty), out of which maybe 30 will make it.

                          So, yeah, post 500+ job openings. Hell, post all 2,250. try to find somebody (of quality that is) that will work here for that in the second most violent city in the nation. Look to my past posts to see what happened when they lowered hiring standards before they took the hiring away from MPD and turned over background checks and hiring to the city HR. Over 40 officers in 4 years arrested for murder, corruption, drugs, prostitution, you name it.

                          While you're at it, post openings for FF's, clerks, secretaries, public works, the whole city is wide open with opportunity.
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                            Boy, this sounds familiar. Did your city "leaders" come to Chicago for classes on how to blow money on useless shiate, all bought or built by their sub-standard friends and relatives "companies," then blame the "Greedy coppers and firemen" for their fiscal crisis.
                            The next move in this city is paying people not to shoot each other....above minimum wage, of course..


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                              If I thought things were bad where I worked, I would vote with my feet and leave, not LIE to my supervisor about being sick and let my shift mates take calls for me.


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