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"CSG study highlights need for state data on metal theft"


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  • "CSG study highlights need for state data on metal theft"

    CSG is The Council of State Governments, and they did the study in collaboration with ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. (Which operates ScrapTheftAlert.com.)

    The bottom line of the study:
    Over the course of CSG’s investigation, a clear pattern emerged: Metal theft was a serious concern for local police departments, but statistically tracking trends in metal theft was difficult for a number of reasons.
    More here, with a link to the final report: Is Scrap Metal Theft Legislation Working for States?

    Now that all 50 states have scrap metal legislation (assuming Alaska HB305 was signed by the governor), are you noticing fewer thefts in your jurisdiction?
    Maine made some changes to the law a couple of years ago, but I don't know if it's made a real difference. We still seem to have steel plates and bars getting up and walking off the property, and the scrap value of them was under 13¢/lb. the last time I checked.

    When thieves hide restricted items under a large pile of other materials, sometimes the honest recyclers end up buying things they'd otherwise refuse to accept. And if there's one buyer in one particular county who's reputed to "not ask too many questions" or maybe doesn't follow all the requirements of the law, stuff ends up at that particular scrapyard.

    What's going on in your area?
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