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  • If it worked before...............

    Robbing a bank takes a special sort of weird. But robbing the SAME bank 3 times in one week?

    Yes, police in Pennsylvania are looking for the man who robbed the bank inside the Washington, PA Wal-Mart 3 times in the same week, Tuesday, Saturday and again Tuesday.

    According to South Strabane Twp. PD, they've ruled out employees as being involved.

    Yesterday, a photo of the suspect was released. Today, the local paper advised that the supect had been identified and was being searched for.

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    Maybe he will come back tomorrow?
    6P1 (retired)


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      He'd better not........the bank has a security guard now! Halt or I'll say Halt again


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        I thought it was stop or I will throw my keys at you.
        An axe can make any computer problem seem like hours of fun.


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          Our little local bank got robbed the other day -- I have NO idea where the security guard was. (He opens the door for everyone coming in is all I know.) She held the place up with an empty gun and another customer chased her when she left and pointed her out to the cops right down the street. Now I expect everyone to be run through metal detecors when we go in there, but this time when I went in there was no security guard at all. Maybe he got scared. Or he was on break.


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            I can envision the Andy Griffith Show after reading that post. The one where the bank guard draws his revolver and it falls apart.

            Well, it's Saturday.. was it robbed again?
            " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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              Careful with those remarks about security guards!

              Had one of my charges lose his cool with our client contact once(mouthy witch brought that on herself). Telling her what she could do with the job, he threw one of two big rings of keys to her, hitting her in the chest. She drew her fist back to hit him, and he threw the other ring of keys at her, hitting her in the mouth and splitting her lip! She called the police and filed charges, but once the details of the situation were hashed out, the charges were dismissed.
              On the by, I had the pleasure of throwing that idiotic witch practically head-over-heels out into the street a couple of months later. We had a bomb threat(large office building); we had the situation under control, but the dumb broad gets on the PA system, announces a bomb threat, and told everyone to get out NOW! This nearly created a mass panic, but we were able to get the people calmed down, and got everyone out without getting hurt. I grabbed her by the arm and the back of the neck, forced her out the door, and roughly threw her into the street, telling her if she came back into that building, what that guard did to her with those keys would be nothing compared to what I would do to her! That's about the time a police Captain grabbed her, and read her the Riot Act! He then told her to go home, or get arrested for interference.
              She got fired about a month later.

              Another of my charges caught a guy trying to break into a semi trailer at his account. Perp takes of running, and the guard chased him. Guard was on his rounds at the time, and was carrying a 4 pound Detex Watchclock. He threw the clock at the perp, hitting him in the back, right between the shoulder blades. Dude went sliding on his nose in the grass!

              How could I reprimand the guard for what he did when I was laughing so hard?
              Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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                Hey DMS, I thought you drove a cement truck?
                6P1 (retired)


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                  Originally posted by Don:
                  Hey DMS, I thought you drove a cement truck?
                  If so, then the witch may be a "pillar" within the community.
                  " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                    A local Citgo store here has been robbed 3 times in 5 days by the SAME guy wearing the SAME disguise. Too bad it wasn't the same clerk again. Every time he runs to the SAME apartment complex behind the station and disappears. Hmm, wonder where he lives?
                    Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                      I have you all beat!:

                      A guy robbed a women's clothing store in my area a few months back...Three times in one day! I started my shift in the evening and the call came out as a man with a gun chasing after another man. I arrive onscene and grab everyone. Turns out, the guy with the gun was the store owner who decided three times was enough and decided to take the law into his own hands. To top it off, I got the arrestee on tape making a full confession.

                      Don't it make you want to smile?

                      [ 06-17-2002: Message edited by: Duke ]
                      Officer, I borrowed these pants!


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                        Emloyee gets fired.

                        Within an hour later employee shows up with pantyhose on his head, but still wearing his uniform shirt with his name tag...

                        ...points a pistol at the clerk on duty, called her by her name and told her to put the money in a bag....

                        ...the employee know who it is and isn't scared of him... she brains him over the head with the plastic counter stand which holds the stores freshly baked cook*es...

                        ...cook*es fly everywhere and the would-be robber's panyhose tears exposing his face...

                        ...he continues to demand the money as the clerk calls him by name telling him to get out..

                        ..she finally chases him out with a broom...

                        We arrest him a few blocks away in his apartment covered in cook*e crumbs.

                        (had to edit... the filter would not let me use the word cook*e, as in "chocolate chipped cook*e")


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                          We had a deputy at one department who worked a a court bailiff for 12 years. He had lived in this town all his life. He had shopped at the same grocery store for years.

                          He was burned out and thought he could get a "stress retirement" out of this.

                          He walked into the grocery store, no mask or disguise of any type, stuck his duty weapon in the manager's face and demanded money. He then went home, sat down and waited for the local PD to come arrest him.

                          Needless to say, he didn't get his "stress retirement," but he did get out of the job that way. Served a few months, was released on probation, went back east and was convicted of arson of a dwelling. . .
                          6P1 (retired)


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                            All I can say on the bank robbery is it takes either major stupidity or one HUGE set of brass cahones to do it 3 times in a week!!


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                              It's gotta be the brass spheroids -- If he got away with it three times, the stupidity factor MUST belong to the bank.
                              "Public service is not just a job.
                              It is an act of citizenship."
                              ---G.W. Bush


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