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FBI Director considers relaxation of substance abuse policy to attract IT talent


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    Originally posted by btfp View Post
    Ok so how many IT guys are self taught vs how many have degrees. A lot of times the self taught knows as much or more than someone with a formal education.
    What they are not going to get for the most part is a gig with the Feds. ESPECIALLY the 3 letter agencies that pretty much require EVERYONE working for the to have a 4 yr degree.

    Originally posted by btfp View Post
    The fact that someone smoked pot before and denying them a job is ludicrous. Dealt drugs, yes sorry maybe next life .
    They don't seem to have much trouble getting applicants and filling their academy slots.
    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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      Originally posted by btfp View Post
      If your standards are too strict you don t have a great pool of applicants to chose from.

      Must have a 3.5 or higher gpa
      must run 1.5 miles in 12 or less
      must have 4year degree
      must not ever have a criminal record other than traffic offenses.

      So if someone shoplifted food at age 18, they are now 29 and got their life together, yes second chance.

      Someone smoked pot, who cares? Can they do the job as good? yes, even better. Heck ,in 2 states pot is not even a crime. in 10 years only nanny states like NY will still outlaw it.

      So you pass on the what might be your best employee ever cause he ran a 12:45 1.5 mile. Maybe if you adjusted the standards to 13;05 they would be in? Oh wait, the girl that would do great cannot get in cause her gpa was3.4 . Gimmie a break.

      I am not saying hire drug dealers and out of shape stupid dropouts, but if you only look at the cream of the crop, lots of others never get a shot. Work with them, you will see what they can do and you might be surprised.
      There are a TON of highly qualified applicants for the FBI, with Masters degrees, military experience and police experience, all of whom never smoked weed and made the mature decision to keep their lives clean for the future law enforcement job they wanted.


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        I thought the FBI relaxed their drug standards already a few years ago?


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