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  • Running Hot for New York

    This was posted on a LE e-mail list that I'm on. I wanted to share it with you all. Bless the men and women in blue...


    Tomorrow, New York, I will go to work on time as usual.
    I will suit up, rig belt, bullet proof vest and all.
    My southern town with be unforgivingly humid, and the air conditioner in my patrol car will undoubtedly go out.
    I will look into the eyes of unfeeling Americans who do not like me;
    I will see strangers unconcerned with life 2000 miles away.
    In their ignorance to your scarifice and pain,
    They shrug their shoulders in the face of an anniversary of hate.
    They don't believe it will happen here.
    But me....
    And my comrads....
    And those of us who believe and weep and remain angry for you.
    We will honor you,
    Not by halting sirens or stopping business as usual or changing our minds.
    We will honor you by being there,
    By holding on,
    By urging someone not to let go.
    We will be there by walking proud and fast and quiet all at once
    As a burglar thinks he is getting away.
    We will work the wrecks
    And watch children play
    And listen for our call signs.
    Because here in Shreveport, Louisiana....
    We run hot for New York.
    For the piece of America bruised.
    For the life of a country that won't stand down,
    That won't give up,
    That can't give in.

    If I could be that hero for you, New York, I would.
    Instead I must just be an American.
    An American who loves you.
    One southern police officer
    That still runs hot for New York.

    God Bless You....
    Officer Mack

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