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    I have to admit, I am a true crime buff. I don't read just any true crime book. I like Ann Rule, Jerry Bledsoe, and Doc Olson. A book has to look like it has been really well researched before I will read it. I also won't read ones with gory titles or books that were put out quickly.
    Does anyone else read true crime books?

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    I am another Ann Rule fan. I also read some fiction if it is believable. The way the world is now, almost anything is believable.

    I have always been interested in crime stories. It must have something to do with growing up on a farm where nothing exciting (good or bad) ever happened. When I say nothing I mean nothing. I discovered at an early age that there was a world out there that included something other than cows, horses, and fields of wheat, corn and alfalfa. When I graduated from high school I was out of there.

    I remember spending part of my school lunch money at the local drug store buying detective magazines.


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      Fiction is important because it helps us temporarily escape a harsh reality...life. Those books are fine, but be sure, they never represent the way "true crime" and true investigation is done in the real world anymore than Eddy Murphy did in Beverly Hills Cop.


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        Max Haines is a famous writer here in Canada for true crime books. You might want to check him out. He currently has a series of best sellers in this genre.


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          I,too, read True Crime, with the same parameters as you--only good quality. One that I can highly recommend is by Bella Stumbo, I think, and is called "Until The Twelfth of Never". Its beautifully written and is about the Betty Broderick case that took place in San Diego some years ago.


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            I read that book and it was great! Wow, she truly was a monster!


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