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Please put my mind at ease...


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  • Please put my mind at ease...

    I have just been hired at a small dept. in NJ. I have to fill out one last packet before I begin the academy and it asks if..
    1. I have ever taken medication for depression, or nerves, etc.
    2. If I am currently taking medication for anything.
    I started taking Zoloft in the Fall for a minor bout with depression and anxiety. I have been fine since then and really want to keep this VERY private info to myself. Do I have to disclose this info? Am I protected by any laws? Will this med show up in my urinalysis? Thanks for any and all help, I have worked TOO hard as I am sure you all can relate to have any problems at this point. Thanks much in advance..

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    Tell the truth because the minute they find out (and they will) they will can you for lying.

    Then you will probably never get hired at another agency. At least if they decide not to hire you based upon the meds or depression situation you still have a shot with other agencies.

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      Ditto to the above.

      If they find out ANYTIME during your career that you lied in the application process, they can fire you.

      You do have protection under right to privacy laws not to divulge this information, but then the department also has a right to deny you the job based on that. Nobody is forcing you to tell you're on the drug, just like nobody is forcing the department to hire you. You have no right to the job, so they can ask what questions they deem important. If you assert your right to privacy, they just won't give you the job. I think everyone can understand what the problem is with having police officers on the job that suffer from depression, so don't try to beat the system.


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