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    I have only had one really bad date that would classify as a date from hell.

    Here's the story.

    I had met this person online, we chatted for a really long time and we really seemed to click. Our political beliefs were a little bit different, and we clashed a little bit over that, but we both felt like it made for an interesting relationship. We traded pics, and the pic I got was absolutely amazing. This woman was absolutely drop dead gorgeous, I mean she looked like something out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. This woman was actually a vision to behold!

    After awhile the conversations got pretty hot, I thought I had found the woman of my dreams, I really thought this was going to be a long term thing, we had even talked about marriage, and she had said she was in love with me!

    Well the big day finally came and we were going to meet. I bought plane tickets and flew out to meet this woman. I rented a car and drove to this womans house. I rang the door bell, and I about fell out when the door came open, I couldn't believe what I saw.

    It was MikeTX!

    My initial thoughts, upon seeing him revolved around killing him, but I didn't want to be wearing a prison number for the rest of my life, so I just left.

    I've been celibate ever since!

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      Wow... yall got some great stories!!!!

      I'll have to share my true date from hell when I return from work!

      Ta Ta!!


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        I must have dated the same girl as Shooter back in college. It was a blind date setup with another couple so there were no real expectations anyway. But this girl sat on her side of the car & never said a word practically the whole night. Other than that I can't compete with some of the other disasters y'all've had.


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          It was a dark and stormy evening...

          No wait, that was something else. Heh. The date I had was back in my early college days. My sorority was having this formal dance and I needed to ask someone to go. Well, there was this fella, who I had a big crush on and was scared to death to ask him out, but somehow I managed to anyway. Everything was set...The dance was really fun... our parties really began after the dance, since our nationals got weird when it came to mixing booze and formal functions.

          So we get back to the hotel, everyone is partying in our room...

          Please tell me why did he get stupid drunk and throw up in my sister's bed??????

          THEN he starts SOBBING!!!! I hate SOBBING drunks.

          We had to call one of his frat brothers to pick him up. ::sigh::


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            I had two.. with the same guy. Before I was married I went out with this guy that used to come into the Salon that I worked at. He was an accountant at Burlington Northern and was from Jacksonville, FL. He had a cute accent and was dead sexy. Always in a suit and he would come in religiously every three weeks for me to cut his hair. So one day he asked if I wanted to go out for dinner and I was pretty happy. I said YES and he took me to a bar and grill. I oerdered a hamberger and fries and he ordered chili and a sandwich and fries and something else I cant remember. So I couldnt quite eat all my burger .. but I ate most of it and I ate the fries and he looked at me and said... "Gosh you sure eat a lot" (mind you at this point in my life I was a size 4... DEFINATELY NOT FAT) I just smiled and brushed it off. Then the bill came and it was great service and the bill was near 30 dollars. so he left a 2 dollar tip.. I was thinking.. hmmm... cheap bastard...after being insulted and watching him give a shiznitty tip he pretty much brought me home and he pulled up to my house and while aprking he hit my neighbors car and he didnt even realize it. I said.. ahhh you just scrapoed their car. He said.. no I didnt..I said YEAH... you did.. he just blew it off. well dummy me.. he asks if I want to go out again and I was like.. "okay" we go on the second dat4e and asked me what I wanted to do. SO I said.. Lets go to the science museum and check ut the exhibits and the theatre., he said OKAY and so we get there and the museum was free, but the movie wasnt. So he went to get tickets in line and turned to me and said. "do you have any money?" I was quite surprised and said how much? he said "its four dollars a piece so I need eight dollars. I was in shock.. I just gave him a ten and we watched the movie. I was SO ****ED. I was glad when he dropped me off.

            I saw him a few years later at the local video store. he looked like a total scrub. Glad I never talked to him again after that incident. I actually quit working at the salona couple weeks after out last date because I knew he would be comming in for a haircut. He actually tried to negotiate afree haircuts with me on the last date! "I'll come in every other time and get my hair cut. The other times you can cut it at my place."

            PSH NO EFFIN WAY MAN... I never did miss that job!
            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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