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I sure hope there is a lot more to this story


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  • I sure hope there is a lot more to this story


    I can't imagine why they would choose to evacuate neighbor's houses before attending to a fallen officer. Even if you didn't want to send EMS in, I would think that someone would at least try to drag the officer to safety or something.

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    If the guy was waiting for people to go to him, they would have been more down targets. I am sure it was a balancing act in how much they could do, weighing the risks of the different courses of action.

    I was always taught that if you go down, and the fight isnt over, your friends may not get to you in time. As officers/troopers/deputies/etc, we know that we might not make it home at the end of the day.

    I feel for that officer, and his family, but I am sure there was a legitimate reason they could not get to him prior to that. No police/fire/EMS is going to just leave an officer down without a damn good reason.

    RIP Officer Libke.


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      Since we have no idea the exact dynamics of the situation, it would be hard to comment on the actions/decisions of the ON SCENE commander.

      My guess is that the commander decided that attempting to rescue the officer before the scene was secure was to dangerous for the responding personnel.

      Tough decision to make.
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        RIP Officer Libke, that's a tragic story indeed.

        Here's my questions: so the officer responded to a house fire, was shot, and it took 90 minutes to stop the threat before they could get to him. The article says SWAT shot the man as he committed suicide, was he in the house when this took place? If so, the house was burning for 90 minutes, and this all unfolded inside the house while it was on fire? There's a lot going on in that story that I'm sure the investigation will uncover, but it just sounds odd.


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