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Another Animal Story


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  • Another Animal Story

    This morning I got out of bed, turned the heat on and returned to bed to wait for the morning chill to go away. Suddenly I heard a thudding noise - sort of like the sound a ball makes when a kid throws it against a wall. I didn't really think it was that since I live alone and it was only 7:00 AM, but that's what it sounded like.

    I went to the window and looked outside but saw nothing. I followed the sound into the dining room but again saw nothing. I followed the sound a little further. Flying around my living room was a crow. The thumping noise was the crow hitting the glass in the sliding glass door trying to find it's way out. The crow took off for the dining room as soon as I walked in. I opened the door and went in search of the crow. It saw me before I saw it and took off for the living room again and out the now open door. It must have come in the evening before when I had the door open but I don't know why it was quiet all night.

    I like to sit at the windows and watch birds flying around in the yard and listen to their "concerts" but I don't want them inside. I don't know how to potty train them.

    [ 11-17-2002, 05:55 PM: Message edited by: Snoopy1 ]

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    That's the kind of situation where you should have loaded bird-shot in the shotgun and just kept firing at it as it flew around the room.

    Yup, can't see any problems with that plan.

    "Bones heal. Chicks dig scars. And the United States of America has the best doctor-to-daredevil ratio in the world!" -- Captain Lance Murdoch, The Simpsons


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      I was going to say that, But Snoopy is not that way.


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        By the time I bought a gun and learned how to use it the bird would have died of old age.
        Besides, I didn't really want to kill it, just get it out of there.


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          That's plenty bad juju. I'd buy some life insurance if I were you, and be careful how you drive. And wear a vest 24/7 until you see a laughing midget next to a burning bush during a lunar eclipse at the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month.


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            No doubt that is a BAD OMEN.

            I think I'd sell the [Eek!]
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              That happened to me with a bat one was creepy. it took HOURS for it to fly out of one of the 2 open doors. it was during the day and all it wanted to do was hide.
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                Are you guys trying to scare me? I'm tough for a little old lady.

                Frank, at first I thought you were laughing at me because I don't own a gun.


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                  That happened to me with a bat one time
                  You should have put on some seductive clothing and maybe the bat would have turned into Frank Langella!


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